Zoya Nail Polish


Nail polish is not a recent invention. It has been around since ancient China, where it was invented. From there, it moved to close civilizations, like Japan and India, and then to the rest of the world. Back then, it used much more basic ingredients and designs, although it held a lot of meaning, and it was associated often with class status and religious or magic spheres.

Today, nail polish has evolved from a class and religious nature to a form of fashion statement and self expression. Many manufactures have developed tones, colors, and designs in order to appeal to the great range of women’s variety, age groups, expressions, and feelings. With time, and after some experience trying different types of nail polish, most women tend to develop a preference for one or a few brands of nail polish.

One of the brands that has developed a small cult is Zoya nail polish. Zoya is famous not only by its Zoya nail polish, but also because of its several beauty and health care products, like its Hot Lips Gloss and its Armor Topcoat.

Nevertheless, Zoya nail polish is their main product and the reason why customers come back again and again. First of all, it has a great variety of tones and colors. Most fans of Zoya Nail Polish have a small collection at home, so they can always have a good number of choices for any occasion.

Another advantage of Zoya nail polish is that it has a lot of supplementary products. For example, you could use Zoya base and Zoya top in conjunction with your Zoya nail polish. This gives you a better result that will last longer and look better, as Zoya products are made to complement each other so they work even better together than individually. You can also complement your whole look with the same tone for your lips.

Finally, Zoya nail polish comes at a great price. Why pay big bucks when you can get the same result and quality for a cheaper price? In reality, that extra amount you pay is actually commercials and advertising. So, think about it the next time you consider paying 9 dollars per bottle when you could get the same result for 6 dollars. Three dollars might not seem like much, but if you multiply it by the number of colors you usually buy. In addition, you can spend the same amount that you do on more expensive brands, but you’ll get more color bottles, and thus, more choices when you get Zoya nail polish. This is great for those of you who would like to buy a bottle but don’t think that you’ll be using that specific color too much.



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