Tips In Picking Eyeshadow Tone To Match Your Blue Eyes


Having a pair of blue yes is undeniably exceptional and many people really think this as something beautiful. However, the thing you also need to realize is that your blue eyes will never look the most beautiful when you do not know about choosing the right eye-makeup that will make your eyes pop. The most specific type of makeup we talk about here is nothing else but best eyeshadow for blue eyes. For blue eyes, not all tones of shadow can make these look the best. That is why choosing the right tone is considered important, especially when you always want to look the best. As a clue for you, here are some tone examples that you can pair with the beauty color of your eyes.

The Choice of Warm Colors

The very first category of best eyeshadow for blue eyes is nothing else but warm colors. Something like this has been used for a quite long time and even acknowledged by a lot of makeup experts. Warm colors are always the best to compliment blue eyes, which basically have a rather cool tone. By applying warm color on you lids, there is a bigger chance for you to look more standout.

If being asked about the examples of this color category, the first one you need to consider is terra-cotta. Applying this color on your lids can be said to be the simplest way to make your eyes the center of attention without making the blue eyes less prominent than the shadow tone. Other warm color option you can consider too is orange. As a warm color, orange is best when it comes to being totally contrasted with the iris color of the eyes. The best tone to pick from orange category is pale orange which is soft enough to make the whole appearance looks sweet.

Purple Shadows to Accentuate Your Eyes

If you do not really like the choices of warm color, there is still another choice of best eyeshadow for blue eyes you can pick as alternative. This is none other but purple shadows. If the previous color choice is best to compliment your eyes. This one is better to accentuate your eyes instead. The best thing about this is that any purple shadow is factually a perfect tone to pick on fall season. The combination between blue and purple color can really form a stunningly beautiful look on your face. As suggestion, when you pick purple shadow to decorate your lids, please remember not to use too many purple items at the same time no matter whether it is outfit, accessories, of footwear since this will only make you look like you are about to go to a kind of costume party or something like that. It is clearly the best to let our eyes be the center of attention with the purple color you apply on its lids. Other suggestion you may also be interested in is shimmery purples that can also make you look even better.


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