Three Easy Methods To Remove Stubborn Waterproof Mascara


Wearing mascara to support your appeal is surely a great thing for women because the charm emitted from the eyes can be more optimized. And things can be a lot much better if you choose waterproof mascara as it will stay stronger there on your eye lashes. However, things can be a little troublesome when you want to remove it. Because it’s designed to stay strongly there, it’s quite hard to remove it completely. You don’t want to have the mascara there all the time right? So, how to remove waterproof mascara. Here, you’re going to learn about it.

Use Eye Makeup Remover Products

The first thing and also the easiest one to do is to use eye makeup remover. It’s really good to know that there have been a lot of products like that you can find in the market nowadays. So, it should not be a big problem anymore for you. However, you need to know that not all of the eye makeup remover products as mentioned earlier are suitable for you. It’s a good idea for you to choose the one which contains hypoallergenic materials. The reason being is because you’re dealing with the makeup for the eyes and the eyes are really sensitive. You don’t want to have irritated eyes and sore eyes because the makeup remover accidentally drips in your eyes. Even if your skin isn’t that sensitive, it’s still a good thing to choose the hypoallergenic products.

Baby Shampoo Can Come in Handy

The second way on how to remove waterproof mascara is to use baby shampoo. This method is claimed to be the safest one as there’s no harmful ingredient inside baby shampoo. Only use a small amount of baby shampoo and it should be enough to help your remove the waterproof mascara. Apply the shampoo gently on the area around your eyes gently. Don’t forget to close your eyes! Rub the shampoo slowly until the mascara is clean completely. Then you can rinse the shampoo and you’ll see the mascara has gone. If it hasn’t gone, you can apply the shampoo again.

Try Cold Cream

Another method on how to remove waterproof mascara is to use cold cream. Perhaps you have not really known it but cold cream products can actually help you deal with stubborn makeup like the waterproof mascara. Even better, it can even help you wipe the entire makeup you apply on your face. In order to wipe the waterproof mascara, you can start by washing your face with the cleanser you usually use and apply cold cream. You can see the cold cream acts as conditioning treatment. Let the cold cream stay there for about 3 – 5 minutes and you can then wipe it with warm washcloth or with warm water.

As you can see, the three methods in removing waterproof mascara above should be able to let your eyes clean from the waterproof mascara. It’s really easy, right? Just simply do one of the methods above by considering what you have around you. If you have baby shampoo, use it. If you have eye makeup remover, you can use it. Or if you have cold cream, you can rely on it. Have a nice try.


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