Temporary Hair Dye A Quick Hair Coloring Option


You must have seen many people try out different hair colors. Some have wacky hair styles with highlights; some have their whole hair colored in blue, green, yellow or red while some keep changing their hair dyes every week.

All this is possible with temporary hair dye. These hair dyes can be easily washed off with a single shampoo. So now you can change the color of your hair or re-color your highlights overnight. They are not like those permanent hair colors that take months to come off. Temporary hair dye is easy to use and maintain.

These hair dyes too have chemicals in them just like the permanent and the semi-permanent ones. But they are not as strong as the latter. That’s the reason why the come off easily with a single wash. But these hair dyes can also harm your hair if used frequently.

Temporary hair dye is perfect for people who do not like to be stuck with the same hair color and highlights for a very long time. With these hair dyes you can change your hair color according to your mood and preference.

Have a metallic red or blue color hair with a real wacky hair style if you are going to a heavy metal rock concert. And change it to a simple, sophisticated brown or black if you are attending a formal party the next evening. This hair dye can be changed as many times as possible.

But you really need to maintain your hair by using the right kind or shampoo and conditioner if you frequently use temporary hair dye and colors. If you don’t use the shampoos and conditioners meant for such hair dyes, you are at a risk of ruining your hair for good. These hair dye chemicals will discolor your hair and make them brittle and thin.

You can use temporary hair dye, only if you know how to maintain your hair after that. You don’t want to end up losing your hair just because you changed your hair color three times a week and used a cheap shampoo and conditioner.

Though these hair dyes are temporary and can be re-colored within 24 hours, it’s best to decide want you want before applying them. After all they do contain chemicals which may damage your hair permanently. So choose the right kind of hair dye according to your skin tone or occasion and make sure it looks good on you.



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