Looking For Wedding Guest Book Ideas? Try These…

Looking For Wedding Guest Book Ideas? Try These…

You don’t want to have an old boring wedding guest book for your guest, right? And are you looking for an interesting guest book for wedding? Look no more. Here, we have several wedding guest book ideas just for you. You might want to check it out. But first, let’s talk about wedding guest book for a moment.

Do I Need An Interesting Wedding Guest Book? What for?

Wedding guest book is important, not only at the wedding but also after that. It can serve many purposes (of course, other than as a sign of which persons came to your wedding), for example as a wedding memento, a work of art, even as a keepsake for your children. So, yes, wedding guest book is important. Fortunately, we got some wedding guest book ideas you might want to try.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas Examples

There is a lot of wedding guest book ideas out there; and we will present several of it. Hopefully, it will inspire you in making one. The first idea is the thumbprint guest book. How to make it? It is simple. You just present a picture of, let’s say tree with branches but without leaves. Your guests then put their thumbprint down on that tree, and their thumbprint is the leaves. Next, your guests sign their own thumbprint. And there you are, you get an artistic wedding guest book! Of course you can change the tree with whatever you want (balloon, peacock feathers, etc). The tree is just an example.

Our second wedding guest book ideas is a world map. The world map highlights the place you are in at the wedding and the place you want to spend your honeymoon in. And your guests will sign anywhere but those places. Our third will be the anniversary wine. The wine bottles are labeled for a specific time of your anniversary, for example 1st year anniversary, 5th year, 10th and so on. Your guests can choose on which bottle they sign.

Those are our wedding guest book ideas for you. So, what kind wedding guest book that you want now? Is it the one with maps and your honeymoon destinations? Or is it the thumbprints one? Well, whichever your choice is fine. Pick the one you want. We hope you’re inspired by now.