Does It Sound Like A Dream: Having The Best Make Up For Sensitive Skin?


Having the best make up for sensitive skin is what women with the problem need. Yes, undoubtedly, every woman wants to look her best when it comes to make up. The thing is not all women have perfect skin. Some have sensitive skin, which causes acne or an allergy. An allergic reaction can be in a form of a sudden appearance of acne or itchiness. You may be one of them, and wondering how to have the best look with your sensitive skin without having to make your skin suffer. Is it possible or only an impossible dream? Let’s go through the causes, the solutions and the make up application it   self.

Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin

best makeup for sensitive skin


makeup for sensitive skin

What Are The Causes and How To Deal?
The fragnances and preservatives in the cosmetics cause the sensitive skin suffer. If this is the case, you will feel itchy after applying your foundation, loose or compact powder. Don’t freak out. It doesn’t mean you can’t apply any cosmetics in order to look your best. The first thing you have to do is wash your face immediately and next time be more selective in buying your cosmetics. Yes, with sensitive skin you can’t just pick up any cosmetic simply because the packaging is attractive. In other words, avoid products which contain fragnances and preservatives. Look for fragnance-free cosmetics and if you aren’t sure ask the shop assistant. Tell her your skin is sensitive so she will help you. You also should try non – comedogenic, hypoallergenic products and products with silicone. Stay away from waterproof cosmetics and glittery products as they can cause irritation. If your lips are also sensitive, lip balm or lipgloss can be safer than lipstick. Open up to her about your allergic symptoms such as acne, an itchiness, red spots etc. As a professional, she should understand you need the best make up for sensitive skin and recommend safer beauty products

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Ladies, This Is The Show Time
Now, with the safe cosmetics in your hand you are ready for a fantastic look. First of all, make sure you clean your face. If you have sensitive skin, it is crucial you wash your face until it is really clean before applying make up. Inspite of your sensitivity to certain beauty products, you can have the look you are dreaming of. Staying away from glitter and lipstick doesn’t mean looking pale or gloomy. The key is how you apply everything and combine them. After fixing your fragnance-free foundation, loose and compact powder, try purple eyeshadows. They are sensual and fantastic result. For a party, why don’t you apply them a little thicker? Pinkish lipgloss is perfect to go with the purple eyeshadows. How about your eyelashes and eyebrows? Choose the colour you think suits your face best. The choice is individual, so what is cute for you may not be cool for another girl. The best make up for sensitive skin should give you a princess look without torturing your complexion.

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