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How to put on eye makeup? Not all women know how to use eye shadow. All women want to look attractive and pretty in all places and they must know how to apply makeup in wise way. Eyes are important elements that will be able to impress all people who look at you. That is why adding effect to your eyes by using eye makeup will be very important. You can create natural and dramatic effect on your eye. When you must go to special event or occasion, you need to know how to apply eye makeup too. You must consider dress that you wear too before you choose makeup. Some people say that applying eye makeup will need special skill. Actually all people can apply eye makeup and when you who are interested in applying eye makeup in easy way and in right way, you better check some tips here.

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You can start some tricks on how to put on eye makeup by using basic technique or specific technique. It is so important to understand basic technique to apply eye makeup. First you need to clean your face by using cleanser. After you clean your face, you can apply primer in your eyelids but it is optional for you. Second, you must apply concealer in some areas such as under eye circles and the areas where the inner eye meets nose. Third, you can apply eyeshadow. It is good to apply one color but you will get best look when you apply at least three-color. You can use medium pink or light brown for your eyeshadow color. You should not forget to apply light color too on the brow bone. For all of you who like to add natural effect on your eye, you can blend the color by using your fingers

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When you have done with eyeshadow you can continue by adding eyeliner. You can choose whether you will use liner pencil or liquid eyeliner. You can see some videos to know how to apply eyeliner in right way so you really get best effect from your eyeliner. Curling your lashes will become next step that you must do. Some women

need five seconds to curl their lashes and you will have pretty lashes. You still need to do next step. Applying mascara after you curl your lashes is very important too to ensure that your curly lashes will last for long time. Today in some stores you can find so many brands and types of mascara. You can choose water proof mascara as the best choice because it helps you to keep your eye makeup for long time. You don’t need to apply mascara for several times. For beginner applying eye makeup is not an easy job. That is why you must try several times to become expert. If you want to create special eye makeup effect such as smoky eye, you need to do specific techniques. Please make sure that you use eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara that are safe for your skin condition too. Now you can try to do some tips on how to put on eye makeup above.




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