Simple Steps On Pregnancy Safe Hair Dye


There are a whole set of rules for pregnant women to follow. No alcohol and caffeine sleep on your left side, no intensive exercises, limit seafood, and the list goes on. One of the weirdest rules that you may hear is no hair dye! But it’s not untrue. Chemicals in the hair dye can risk your baby’s growth and can create complications in pregnancy.
Is it really unsafe for pregnant women to dye their hair? Although there were no major side effects reported from pregnant women dyeing their hair. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you are pregnant and want to dye your hair, you must follow some simple guidelines so that you and your baby are absolutely safe. There are other alternatives too that you may try instead of using hair dye.

It’s a known fact that chemicals present in the hair dye seep into the skin and may cause some health hazards. So pregnant women in their first trimester should avoid dyeing their hair as this is the time when the baby develops its important parts such as brain and other immune system.

It’s also wise to choose a hair dye with low chemical concentration. You do get pregnancy safe hair dye in the market which have no harmful chemicals or very less concentration of chemicals in them. These hair dyes usually have no ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals are very fatal to pregnant women. And most of the hair dyes contain these chemicals, so make sure you read the contents on the packet before buying.

Dark brown and black hair dyes are known to contain the harshest chemicals, so pregnant women should avoid these colors. Pregnant women should always use gloves while dyeing their hair; also make sure you are in a ventilated room.

Avoid applying hair dye directly to the scalp. It’s safer to have highlights rather than full hair dyeing during pregnancy. Pregnancy safe hair dye guidelines should be strictly followed to avoid any complications.

It’s best to have an expert do the hair coloring for you during pregnancy as there is less risk of taking in chemicals. Also take the appointment in early hours of the business days to avoid maximum chemical exposure.

Its okay to get your hair dyed during pregnancy but not without using safe and precautionary measures. It’s nice to look good, but not at the cost of your health and your unborn child’s life.



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