Simple Steps On How To Write Wedding Vows For Him


We have to admit that writing is not for everyone, especially wedding vow writing. There are just so many things the bride and groom needs to say to each other on their wedding ceremony that sometimes a simple and short vow will not cut it. However, it is essential that the vow is to be meaningful and represent all the things the couple wants to do when they are married.

For brides who want to write wedding vows for him, you can follow these simple steps to guide you through the vow creating part of your wedding preparation.

  1. The Declaration of Love

There re basically two parts inside wedding vows for him or for her, the declaration of love and the promise. On the first part, declaration of love, you should make a simple statement about who she/he is to you. Say their name and declare who they are to you. After that, you should say a few things that make her/him very wonderful. Things like “You are dependable, you make me laugh, and you make me happy.” Be sure that what you put in your vow truly come from the deepest of your heart. And finally, say that you love him/her at the end of the first part.

  1. The Promise

Now, let’s move on to the next part, the promise. Usually the promise is the longest part in wedding vows for him or her. Make promises what you will do together with your partner once you are married. You can include the things that you can show your love to your spouse in your everyday life together, through support, trust, actions, gifts, or words. If you are religious, you should also include some language about your believe in your vow.

After that, you should state about the things you will do together with your spouse. For example, “I will create a happy home with you, create a loving family with you, and I will grow old with you”. You should also promise to be there for your spouse in good and bad time for a really long time. Now, your wedding vow is complete.



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