Simple But Genius Tricks You Can Do In Applying Liquid Eyeliner When You Have Monolid


For you who have monolid, applying liquid eyeliner seems to be a really hard thing to do. The reason is simply because you cannot really apply the eyeliner the same way done by those who have perfect double-eyelid. Even if it is so, it does not mean that the monolid is your imperfection. Basically, everyone is beautiful. Besides, there are also quite a lot of ways you can do in order to deal with the use of liquid eyeliner. The examples of ways you can do are mentioned in the following. As a matter of fact, these are the simple but genius tricks in how to apply liquid eyeliner that are surely helpful for you in creating an even better look every day and night.

Draw Thick Arch

The very first thing you need to know about how to apply liquid eyeliner when you have monolid is the fact that you cannot imply follow the steps in applying the same type of eyeliner designed for double-eyelid. If you do so, the result that you will get is nothing else but the disappearance of the eyeliner because the eyelids simply hide it when the eyes are open. In other hand, there will no makeup effect can be seen or you only do something useless.

Instead of getting something bad like that, there is a simple trick suggested for you to do. The trick is to make a thicker arch right above the lash line above your eyes instead of just a think line with the eyeliner. This way, when you open your eyed the lines can still be visible. If you ask about the perfect thickness, well actually everyone has different level of thickness. The best one for you is the one which can make the eyeliner still visible when you open your eyes. This trick is factually not only effective in dealing with the monolid. Instead, this is also helpful for you because thicker eye-line is way easier to create tan the thin ones.

Add Glitter for Perfect Night Look

The previous suggestion about how to apply liquid eyeliner for monolid is factually more suitable to wear at day. Well, this trick can still be used for your night look actually. However, the look will not be too stunning. That is why there is a simple thing you can do to deal with everything, especially to create you a way more fabulous look. The way is by using liquid glitter liner instead of regular liner. Something like this can make your spark even better. Other than that, shimmery cosmetic is quite popular in this recent time. If you are about to go directly to some night event or part after work, there is no need for you to redo everything when your time is so tight. You only need to add some glitter liner to renew the look. Something like this is so quick and simple to do, right? More importantly, you can use it to help you out in dealing with the monolid without having to do something scary like surgery.


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