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Do you want to join a special effects makeup schools and learn how to do special effect makeup? If you do interested with special effect makeup artist schools and just love all about the special effect makeup thing, you may know about Sheridan as one of campus which has an advanced special effects makeup schools, Prosthetics and Props program in the world.

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Best Special Effects Makeup Schools

If you enjoy watching movie alone, or maybe with your friend and you love an adventure or horror movie, you may also enjoy the special effect makeup that used by the actress on that movie. Because with that special effects makeup used by the actress, the movie feels like it is really concrete and add the enjoyable on watching those kinds of movie. So, it is better to know about the Sheridan’s advanced special effect makeup, prosthetics and props program to let you know what kind of program it is.special effects makeup schools nyc


Sheridan University

In this world, maybe there are no many people who want to be a professional makeup artist as their job. It is because that kind of job needs art skill and high creativity, so that they can make an amazing special effect makeup. However, it is not an impossible thing to do. If you want to try to learn special effects makeup schools, you can learn it in campus like Sheridan.special effects makeup schools 5


Sheridan is founded in 1967 as grown for a local collage of 400 student to one of Ontario’s leading postsecondary institutions, educating approximately 18,000 full-time and 35,000 continuing and part-time studies students every year on four campuses in three Ontario cities – Oakville, Brampton, and Mississauga.


As the other special effects makeup schools, it is also offer an amazing learning experience for the students to prepare for the work and life.These program is one of the favorite program which can attract many people every ear who want to learn special effects makeup. The advanced program prepares you in one year to begin a career in the highly specialized field of advanced special effects makeup which is one of the few programs of its kind in North America and the only one in the Ontario college system.

Sheridan’s coursework was developed specifically to meet the needs of employers such as museums, amusement parks, exhibitors and the entertainment industry, so it will help the students develop their skill.

This campus also present the intensive lab experiences that simulate industry settings, so you will gain solid knowledge in casting, molding, sculpting and developing prosthetics, props and animatronics. When you complete your one-year graduate certificate program in Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props, in Sheridan campus, you will be ready to take a position in Museums, Theme parks, Special events marketing companies, Film and television and in Entertainment. You also can qualified to hold position in Junior Prop or FX Technician, Special Effects Makeup Artist, SPFX, Artist/Assistant, SPFX Technician Coordinator, Prosthetic Technician, Independent Entrepreneur – Freelance Artist or Technician, and Exhibit Designer. So, do you want to be a pro and enter special effects makeup schools like Sheridan?

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