Sally Hansen Nail Polish


Many men incorrectly believe that beauty products are just woman’s vanity. While I am the first one to say that some women are vain, beauty products are way much more than that.

The way we women wear our hair, paint our nails and use make up is not just a convention, or much less “decoration.” It is actually a form of self expression. Yes, we sometimes weak make up to impress men, but most of the time we wear it for ourselves. It makes us feel attractive, pampered, and better about ourselves.

It is also a fashion statement and a reflection of ours lifestyles and moods. If it were only about “looking pretty,” then we would have one or two colors and that would be it. However, we have many colors and items because we have a wide range of feelings, moods, expressions, and yes, because we also like to treat ourselves.

As women started working, more and more companies started to recognize our increasing purchasing power and started to develop beauty products. These companies have tried to come up with products that really suit our needs. Some of them didn’t succeed and disappeared, while others resisted and passed the test of time.

One of the companies that has proven itself with their quality and variety is Sally Hansen. They produce a dozen of health and beauty products, but most of all, I am a fan of Sally Hansen nail polish.

One of the things that I love about Sally Hansen nail polish is the great variety of tones and colors. With Sally Hansen nail polish, I can be traditional, and select from several tones of classic red, for example, for a stylish dinner or event. Or I can be daring and try one of the flashy colors that their new collections have.

Another advantage of getting Sally Hansen nail polish is that you can also get several complements with it. For example, base coat and top coat that are specifically designed for my favorite Sally Hansen nail polishes. Note that I speak in plural, as I have my own collection of Sally Hansen nail polish colors that I’ve gathered over time. I use some of them quite often, but I also have some that I reserve for social events. I even have a few that I bought on impulse just to try some flashy color that caught my attention.

I always recommend Sally Hansen nail polish. And if there is a guy reading this article, if you have a girlfriend or wife, and would like to give her a nice present, get her a bottle of Sally Hansen nail polish of her favorite color. You do know her favorite color, don’t you?



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