How To Remove Your Makeup At Night


Removing your make up at night is a very important part of keeping your face clear and without breakouts and acne. For women who are older than 20 it is also an important part of maintaining a youthful appearance. If you leave your mascara on all night it dries the lashes, which allows them to crack and break off. Base or foundation that is left on all night will dry out the skin and clog the pores.

How to remove your make up at night starts with being able to see your face! If you have long hair or hair that is long enough to pull back with a headband, clip or ponytail holder then do it.

Begin by removing your eye make up with a moisten cotton ball and make up remover. You can also use Cetafil as an eye make up remover. It’s gentle and easy on your skin. Put the make up remover over your eye make up and mascara and let it soften the mascara so it removes easily. With the water proof mascara this might take a minute.

Next use a cleaner that is best for your skin type. If you are using the services of a dermatologist then ask their advice. You may also want to visit several skin counters at department stores to get their advice and then take the one that sounds most like your skin. Be sure the cleanser can be used for make up removal. You might also consider using the Cetafil over your face to remove the make up.

Use lukewarm water to lather up the cleanser and help the make up to breakdown on your face. You don’t want to scrub hard but using the warm water and a dollop of the cleanser rub it into a lather and rub it gently over your face concentrating on the places where you apply make up.

Spend a minute, at least 60 seconds, to go over your face and be sure you’ve cleaned all areas. You will also want to clean your neck gently to help remove any powder, perfume and daily dirt that settles there.

Now rinse your face several times with lukewarm water to get rid of the cleanser and make up from your face. You may prefer to splash cold water on your face at the very last to tighten your pores. Now pat your face dry. Don’t rub or scrub with the towel but gently pat the areas dry.

Next use a toner for your skin type. You’ll be surprised at how much more dirt will be removed with the cotton swab and toner that you will have missed with the cleanser. Use a liberal amount of oil free astringent. It is one of the most important parts of your daily skin care. The toner will help to clear your pores, tighten your skin and help prepare it for any of the night creams or serums that you will be using.

Do not forget to moisturize! Your skin needs the extra moisture each night after a day of wearing make up and then cleansing at night. Don’t forget your lips. The skin over the lips is thinner than anywhere else on the face. Use a strong emollient such as Vaseline each night to keep your lips plump and kissable the next day.



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