Recovery Center Plastic Surgery


Recovery center for plastic surgery is time that encompasses the plastic surgery from the time the patient is released from the operating room until they are able to resume normal activities. This recovery time can vary depending upon the surgery, the number of procedures performed and the general health of the patient prior to surgery.

Each person will tolerate pain post-operatively in a different way and most surgeons will consider this when they are doing a pre-operative evaluation and prescribing medication post-operatively. Appropriate medications are necessary to minimize the discomfort, which also decreases the recovery time. Research has shown that patients who experience the least amount of pain and discomfort will actually recover more quickly than those who feel they experience a greater amount of pain.

Pain and discomfort are perceptions that differ from person to person and are based on experiential situations prior to the surgery, neurological innervation to the surgical site and the persons ability to tolerate or experience pain.

Most facial cosmetic surgeries have minimal discomfort while liposuction is slightly more uncomfortable and adominoplasty or breast augmentation will have discomfort equal to that of a C-section.

Most people require help in the first two days after a procedure, especially if they have small children to care for. Recovery center for plastic surgery for eyelid surgery can approximately last two days and with the use of sunglasses patients may be comfortable outside the house in 3-4 days. With makeup they can return to work in one week. Facelift surgery requires 10-14 days before they are able to return to work and breast augmentation patients may be able to return in 7 days.

Recovery center for plastic surgery patients often ask when they can return to their pre-surgical exercise routine. Again, this time is based on the type of operation involved. Most patients are encouraged to begin with walking on the second operative day to decrease the risks of anesthesia to the surgery post-operatively. Regular aerobic exercise isn’t allowed in the first two weeks in order to decrease the risk of bleeding, swelling and bruising. Weight lifting or contact sports should be avoided for at least 1 month.

Prior to the crucial recovery time period the patient should gain a good understanding of what the recovery process will be so they don’t overextend themselves and ruin the effects of the surgery. During this recovery period it is important to follow the advice of your doctor precisely. Ignoring the advice of your physician can seriously impact the overall results of the surgery. Your doctor is in the best position to give you advice about your recovery and the effect this will have on the results of your surgery.

Prior to your surgery enlist the help of your family and friends. During the time period immediately after surgery it is crucial that you rest and recover. Having support and help will only improve the results of the surgery.

Often overlooked in recovery center plastic surgery, the psychological impact of the surgery should be considered. While there are obvious physical changes the emotional and psychological impact will be more subtle but equally important. The truth is that any surgery will result in a wide range of emotions from happiness to depression. The best way to cope is to have a realistic expectation of the possible emotions you may experience and the results that you can expect from the surgery.




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