Raw Hair Dye Cool Way To Color Your Hair


If you are fed up of your regular hair color and want to try out something funky and different then raw hair dye is the best deal of you. These hair dyes come is so many different bright and sparkling colors that you can choose any one that suits your personality and attitude.

Most of the times, raw hair dye is a temporary hair color which washes off in a couple of shampoos. So this hair dye is best for those who like to change their hair color very often. You can get exciting hair color like electric pink, sky blue, golden, yellow and many other colors that you would have otherwise never thought of.

These colors are perfect for people who like to experiment with their hair color and get a new look every second week or month. It’s very easy to apply raw hair dye. Just open the packet, make a mixture of hair dye and water and brush it on to your hair, leave it for few minutes and wash it off. And you are ready to go!

These hair dyes give excellent results on light hair such as blonde and gray. But if you have dark hair such as black, red head or dark brown, raw hair color may give a different result. Hence it’s best to bleach your hair first before using raw hair dye.
But it’s not very healthy to use raw hair colors very often as they contain strong chemicals which may damage or break your hair. Even though they are temporary hair dyes which wash off in two or three shampoos, the chemical concentration is quite high in such hair dyes.

The chemicals in raw hair colors are strong so that you get the desired results in less time. So be careful while you use these hair dyes if you have weak and thin hair. It’s best to use conditioner while washing off the hair dye as it will protect your hair from breakage to some extent.

Raw hair dyes are really wacky and unlike the regular hair colors, they stand out in a crowd. So if you have decided to have your hair colored in pink, blue or yellow, you better be sure about it. These hair dyes are usually purchased by young people; especially teenagers who like to sport a cool look for their wild parties.

So next time you want to sport a fun and wacky look, raw hair dye will do the trick for you.



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