How Do You Put On Dramatic Eye Make Up


Dramatic make up is a great way to make a statement, whether you are out at night, doing a performance or just want to distinguish yourself from others. There are several ways to put on dramatic eye make up, each depends upon the type of look you are after. You can achieve a remarkable vintage look, Goth, smoky eyes or even an emo look with just a few changes to your eye make up application.

Dramatic eyes are noticed quickly and first. But you want to be sure that the reason people are noticing is because you applied the make up correctly and well and not because you look more like a clown than you do have smoky eyes. The trick is to start small and add a bit at a time. You may even chose to stop application before the eye make up has reached the dramatic look you are trying to achieve but it is better to start small and grow than to go out looking like your four year old sister applied your make up.

Believe it or not there is a method to producing a dramatic eye make up look that is noticeable and well applied. You must always start with a good base. So start with a clean face by using a gentle cleanser without using toner. Toner isn’t used on the eyes but it bears mentioning that toner should be used at night after make up removal and face washing to tighten your skin and clean the remaining dirt from your face.

Once your face is cleaned and moisturized your ready to apply your dramatic eye make up. Here are some tips to help you apply a ‘look’ that fits your face, your eye structure and the type of application you are trying to achieve.

Start by addressing your eye structure and using techniques that camouflage the structure you don’t like. For instance you may have a large eye lid, hooded lids or deep set eyes. There are different techniques to make hooded lids appear more open and large lids appear smaller.

Look at your eye brows. Well groomed, trimmed and plucked eyebrows only add to your dramatic eye make up look. The old days of bushy brows are long gone, as are the days of a single line of hair that runs above the eye, or the eyebrows that are literally drawn on the face and contain no hair at all.

A dramatic eye make up effect will be done best with eye brows that can handle the attention and the color. Without a good base from which to work your dramatic eye make up will be floating without a port.

A dramatic eye will start with an eye liner. Liner should be applied near the roots of the lashes or on the inner lid for different effects. If the liner is applied near the roots then smudge the area near the outside corner of the eye to soften the look. Your aim is to look dramatic, not like it was painted on. Eye liner looks best when it is soft black, brown or purple. Use a brush to work it into the roots of your lashes for a more dramatic look.

Once you have the liner on you can apply a dark colored shadow directly over the top of the liner to give it a softer appearance without losing the drama. Remember that when you use dark colors they make the structure they are on appear smaller and lighter colors make the area look larger.

For instance if you have a large area under the brow you’ll want to use a light highlighter just under the brow and bring the dark color up to meet it. This also provides a more dramatic look to your eye make up.

Use an eye make up that doesn’t crease or you’ll be walking around all day with make up that is creased in your eyes.

Using the dark eye shadow to wing at the corner of the eyes works well in women who have no sagging at the eye and using a more rounded corner will help those with sagging skin who want the darker make up. Layer the color and mix the darker colors with the lighter ones to get a truly unique color combination made specifically for you and your eyes.

How do you put on dramatic eye make up depends upon the color of your eyes, how long you want it to last and how long you want to spend in front of the mirror. But in any case, it’s a process that is very doable and very dramatic when you’re done.



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