Knowing More About Pravana Hair Color Chart


Before we discuss about Pravana hair color chart, we will be talking about how popular Pravana is. Pravana is a very popular brand in professional, permanent and semi-permanent staining hair dyes. They have multiple lines that offer a wide range of out of the box color selections while their dye composition that allows for easy mixing of colors to create your perfect hue or shade using a Pravana hair color chart. Pravana color is only available through select websites and professional hair care distributors. However, it receives rave reviews from both professionals and clients in nearly every aspect as one of the best hair color brands.

There is a Pravana hair color chart and there are some popular Pravana color options. The first color option is called Pravana Chromasilk Hair Color. This is the main line of this brand. The amazing thing is that it has 101 different permanent offerings to allow you to find your favorite color. The colors can be mixed as you want it to be. The common colors include black, brown, red and ash blonde. The next color option is Pravana hair color vivids. It is a semi permanent line that has 10 distinct colors. The options include red, silver, dark orchid, blue and green. Keratin amino acids and silk amino acids are mixed with the color to provide superior color retention and shine. The third one is silk degrees Pravana color. This botanical line has six different shades of all natural hair color. The colors are semi permanent, gentle on your hair and wash completely out within six to eight washings.

Advantages of the Pravana Brand

Of course there are many benefits that you can get from this Pravana hair color. The first one is that it has long lasting performance. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, both the Chromasik and Vivids line of Pravana color provide vibrant and will last for up to eight weeks. Even once the color has faded, a simple refreshing is enough to make it good as new again. This allows you to spend less time on hair upkeep and more time enjoying your beautiful, healthy hair.

The next benefit is about the hair nourishment. Some of you might be worried of frequent dying and treatments because they will damage your hair. However, this Pravana hair color uses prganic proteins and also simple, natural ingredients in many of their dyes to reduce the risk of hair damage. So, you do not have to worry about you will ruin your hair because you change your hair color very often. If you want a full line of treatments, you can get it from Pravana. It is to keep your hair healthy and looking good between color applications.

The other advantage is that most Pravana color options can be combined or mixed with other colors easily. So, you will be able to get any color you want for your hair. You actually do not have to worry that Pravana does not have particular colors you want because there is Pravana hair color chart.



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