Plastic Surgery Laser CO2


Plastic surgery laser CO2 can be called laser resurfacing, lasabrasion or laser treatment for wrinkles. Whatever you might prefer to call it laser resurfacing is one of the most common treatments used for wrinkles and acne scars today.

Plastic surgery laser CO2 works to improve wrinkles and acne scars. The lasers accomplish this by vaporizing superficial damaged skin cells and helping the remaining collagen to become thicker and healthier. With this procedure fine wrinkles are removed and acne scars will look less obvious.

The plastic surgery laser CO2 will also tighten your skin, smooth the texture, improve your complexion and possibly your skin color. There is bad news however. Laser surgery isn’t a panacea. The wrinkles and scars will improve but not vanish and several treatments may be required to achieve the result you really desire. Recovery from plastic laser surgery CO2 is not always what it is cracked up to be.

Plastic surgery using laser CO2 works by vaporizing the skin surrounding the wrinkles and scars. This makes them less visible and also stimulates the production of collagen making the wrinkles less deep. Because your skin is vaporized it reacts as if it were burned. The skin will ooze and weep. If your wrinkles are fine and the scars shallow then one treatment may do the trick. Otherwise, deeper wrinkles and scars may take several treatments to get the results you are looking for.

Your dermatologist will tell you that preparing the skin for laser CO2 plastic surgery is critical to optimize the results. Most dermatologist use Retin-A, glycolic acid or bleaching agents to help prepare your skin. This reduces the effect of discoloration, speeds the healing and optimizes the result. Use the products as ordered by the dermatologist to get the best results.

Using a plastic surgery laser CO2 to remove wrinkles and scars can take from 15 to 90 minutes under a general anesthesia. Patients are often discharged in the same day. Patients often experience swelling that can last for 3 days to 3 weeks depending upon the extent of the surgery and how much of the laser treatment they received. The treated areas will appear as deep burns or abrasions. They will weep, ooze and there will be pain when they are uncovered.

Just as in a regular burn the skin will heal in 5-14 days and then appear slightly sunburned. This sunburned effect takes awhile to fade and will improve over 1-4 months. An interesting fact about this reddened effect is that although most people hate being red it appears that the longer the redness stays the better the final result.

Once you have had laser CO2 plastic surgery you should always wear sun protection of at least 15 SPF. Your dermatologist will tell you that the medications and burns require the sun block for at least 6 months but you will increase the length of time the treatment lasts by staying out of the sun and wearing sun protection of SPF 30 from now on.

The final results of plastic surgery laser CO2 will be seen after the redness has completely faded. In the case of the CO2 laser that can be up to 4 months after the procedure. If your particular case requires a second treatment you should wait at least six months between treatments.

Plastic surgery using a CO2 laser is an alternative treatment for wrinkles and acne scars when patients want a more complex and complete treatment than microdermabrasion or chemical peels.


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