Plastic Surgery Face Acne Scars


Plastic surgery face acne scars are among the top five reasons people have non-invasive cosmetic procedures according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Acne scars are visible and often cause young people difficulty with self-esteem and self-worth. Greg Estrada and his ex-girlfriend founded the Washington based Acne Scar Support Group after a friend of theirs committed suicide at age 22 because she was depressed about not being hired as an attorney and was convinced the reason was that it was her acne scars.

Acne affects more than 17 million adults in the U.S. Estrada believes that if an adult suffers from severe acne scarring and tells you they’ve never contemplated suicide – they are lying.

Many men and women seek out the care and advice of dermatologist for acne scar removal or reduction. There are options available and you should be educated about the choices so you can make an informed decision about which treatment would work best for you and your lifestyle.

The possibility of removing the scars completely depends upon the person, skin type, age and how deep the scar is. Mild acne can go away without a trace using plastic surgery face acne scars while more severe scars don’t usually disappear completely but do become less obvious.

Before committing to plastic surgery face acne scars with your doctor ask what results you are likely to achieve. If the physician tells you that your skin will be perfect after having deep scars from cystic acne be wary! Magical results are not usually possible.

Plastic reconstructive surgery requires pretreatment of your skin. It should be clean and free of acne or other blemishes before procedures. So first, make an appointment with the dermatologist to stop the acne breakouts. After skin has healed the scar treatment can begin.

For shallow scars a chemical peel may be sufficient. However, be sure that your skin type will tolerate a chemical peel. Those people who have high melanin counts in their skin can often have permanent burn scars from a chemical peel.

If your acne scars are deeper your doctor may recommend dermabrasion, laser scar removal or light therapy. These three treatments all remove the top layer of the skin, which theoretically allows for regeneration of new and healthier skin. Often a combination of treatments is required for the best results.

Plastic surgery for facial acne scars include the use of collagen injections. The idea behind the injections is to replace the damaged tissue, which works well when the scars are not to deep.

In the most severe cases your surgeon may recommend a plastic surgery for your acne scars that is more complete. You should consider this option only if other options are not likely to help. Not only is a more complete plastic surgery removal more expensive and hold more risk but should your acne return there will be less skin layers to work with during scar removal.

There are many different plastic surgery options so there really is no reason to leave your scars untreated. Do your research and make an appointment.

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