Plastic Surgery Earlobes Reconstruction


Women have worn earrings since the time of Christ. One of the risks of pierced ears is having the earlobe split when the earring is tugged by a small child or caught on clothing. The risk for earlobe tears increases with the weight of the earring or with large hoop earrings.

Plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction is often important to self-esteem of women. Many women enjoy augmenting their appearance with jewelry. The inability to wear jewelry or a short haircut because of their embarrassment of the deformity on their earlobes often decreases women’s self esteem and can cause social anxiety disorders. Even though plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction is simple and cost effective many women chose to continue to wear their hair over their ears and clip earings to hide the deformity.

Plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction are procedures, which the surgeon can use to repair traumatic injury or genetic defect. Although insurance companies don’t generally pay for cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction, when traumatic or genetic, may be paid for. Check with your insurance company for pre-authorization and to determine whether a letter of medical necessity will help clear your surgery for payment.

The earlobe contains no cartilage or bone but is made up only of skin and fatty tissue. This makes both trauma and repair easier. Earlobe trauma can be mild, where the tear remains only in the inner lobe or severe, where the earlobe is completely split in half.

In the case of a mild tear the repair can be done almost immediately. In fact, sometimes a surgeon can leave a spacer so that the ear will not have to be re-pierced after the ear has healed completely. In the case of a severe tear, the ear must completely heal before it can be repaired. Plastic surgeons have several procedural options to fully repair the earlobe. Unfortunately in the event of a severe tear, scar tissue may be evident after healing is completed.

Plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction is done under local anesthesia while the patient is awake. The patient usually takes an hour or less and the patient is free to go home that day. Because the procedure is not done under a general anesthesia the same type of precautions are not necessary. Usually patients are not allowed to eat or drink for at least 6 hours prior to the surgery but with a local anesthetic there are no prerequisites as far as food and drink.

Doctors will often write for mild pain medication, but most patients use only over the counter medication such as Tylenol and Advil. Some patients find an ice pack will decrease pain and swelling in the earlobe.

Following reconstructive surgery, the plastic surgeon will leave the earlobe open to air. No dressings are used and the earlobe is allowed to drain for several days. The patient is often sent home with antibiotic ointment to put on the wound twice a day.

Plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction is simpler and easier than it used to be. Insurance companies often cover the cost of surgery that is necessary because of trauma or genetic defect. The surgery will also not affect hearing. Start with your primary care physician to find a plastic surgeon who will be meet your needs.

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