Paul Mitchell Hair Color Chart For Your Hair


What is Paul Mitchell hair color chart? First, it is important for you to know the name. Paul Mitchell was known as the Scottish hair stylist. Even though he was long dead, you still can find out that his name is still dominating the market of hair products. Paul Mitchell brand has become the famous name. If you want to change the color of your hair, you have to find the right hair coloring product for you that will enhance the appearance of your overall performance as well as last longer and does not damage your hair. Paul Mitchell is the best choice. There are many types of Paul Mitchell hair coloring products. That is why you need the color chart.

Know More Paul Mitchell Hair Color Chart

To know Paul Mitchell hair color chart, it is important for you to know the basic of hair color first. You should know that the hair color is actually the combination of three primary colors; blue, yellow, and red. To get the secondary color, you just have to combine those three primary colors aforementioned. Secondary colors are violet, green, and orange. Keep in mind that if you mix the opposite colors, it will give you the result that is shown in the middle of the chart.

For example, if your hair color is yellow, combining the red color will make the real hair color become more orange. Or, adding the violet color to yellow hair will make it become darker; brown or black. Those are the basic things that you need to know as the theory of hair color. After that, you may have to determine the darkness of your hair. It is measured by scale from 1 until 10, which is 1 is the darkest and 10 is the brightest.

Darkness of Hair and the Shade
Determining the darkness of your hair can also be matched with determining the right shade with your skin tone. It is also important. When picking the shade in Paul Mitchell hair color chart, you should also have to look at your skin tone or complexion. Bright hair color cannot be matched with dark skin tone even though darker hair looks good in bright complexion. It is also important to know the underlying pigment of your hair. If your hair is dark, for example, your underlying pigment is red. Knowing the underlying pigment will make sure the color that you choose for your hair will stand out and match perfectly with your natural hair color.

If it is the first time for you to color your hair, it is recommended for you to ask the help of hair colorist. Using professional service will avoid the first mistakes that you may encounter for first attempts. You surely do not want to gamble when it comes to your appearance. If you do not want to visit a salon for hair coloring, it is better for you to at least consult or ask the recommendation for the best shade that will suit your natural hair color as well as your complexion.



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