Orly Nail Polish


Contrary to what most men think, nail polish is not just a decoration or a color that is put on women’s nails. Nail polish is a fashion statement, and a form of self expression. It not only reflects the personality and lifestyle of a woman, but also her moods and preferences.

Selecting the right type of nail polish for the occasion is as important as selecting the right pair of shoes. You definitely don’t wear the same color or type of nail polish when you go night clubbing that when you have a client meeting. Nail polish can be flashy, elegant, stylish, classy, and many more things.

With many brands in the market, it can be a bit confusing to select a good one. Most women develop a taste for a few brands and just getting anyone won’t do.

Orly nail polish is among the most preferred brands there are. It isn’t as expensive as other brands, but it has the quality and versatility of the best.

Orly nail polish was developed in 1975 by Jeff Pink. Jeff’s vision was to create a range of products that would innovate nail care in a natural way. Over the years, Jeff has created several collections of Orly nail polish, as well as other products that are aimed at making manicurists give a better look to their customers.

Maybe Jeff Pink’s most famous creation was the French manicure. This natural look was an instant success when Jeff tried it out for the first time in the fashion shows in Paris, from where it got its name and was exported to the rest of the world.

Of course, none of these would matter if Orly nail polish didn’t live up to its name. And more than 30 years of presence in the market prove that customers keep buying Orly nail polish and keeping it in their preferences. In fact, almost every customer has a collection of several Orly nail polish colors which they use for different purposes.

While the support of the customers is the most important back up a beauty product can get, Orly nail polish doesn’t stop there. It has been recognized with 12 ABBIES awards from the professional beauty industry, as well as with other awards from specialized magazines.

Lastly, Orly nail polish keeps up with the latest ecological and safety trends. Orly nail polish doesn’t contain DBP, toluene, formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin. All of which have been labeled dangerous by medical and chemical associations.



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