Natural Hair Dye A Safer Alternative


Everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy and attractive hair. And rightly so, hair is something that defines your personality. If you don’t have healthy hair, you are loosing out on a very important aspect of your personality.

Graying hair is another annoying trait that people have to go through. It is a part of getting older and you really hate it when it starts showing with gray hair streaks. One would do anything to get them covered. And one of the most popular options to cover grays is hair dye.

There are many types of hair dyes available in the market today. You get everything from simple black hair dye for the regular black or dark brown hair or you can choose the metallic hair dyes which have an array of colors. All these hair dyes have chemicals in them and it is these chemicals that determine whether you color your hair permanently or temporarily.

Chemicals in permanent hair dyes are more harmful as they can cause hair loss, discoloration, and many other skin reactions. Apart from this, you really need to think twice before choosing a permanent hair dye color as they stay on for a long time and you need to live with it even if it doesn’t suit your skin tone and personality.

Although semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes have lesser chemicals as compared to the permanent ones, they do contain them and even a small amount of these hair dye chemicals can adversely affect you. So what are a safer and a better alternative to color your hair?

Natural hair dye is the answer to your problem. There are many natural hair dye alternatives that can give you what you want without having to inflict harmful chemicals to your hair and scalp. Hair is very important to everyone and you don’t want to take any chances with it.

If you have a safer alternative in hair dyeing then why not choose them instead of chemical based products that have done more harm than good. Plus studies say that these chemicals can also cause cancer and other major diseases. So choosing natural hair dye is any time safer and also a cheaper option.

These chemical based hair dyes are very appealing due to intensive advertising and glamorous models being used to promote their products. They are nothing but hazardous industrial waste packed in pretty bottles that drain you off your pockets.

The best known natural hair dye is henna which is a natural plant that is crushed and made into paste. This can be applied to your hair with curds, eggs and other natural ingredients which not only makes your hair healthy but also gives you shiny and glowing effect. Plus your grays are all covered with the beautiful reddish-brown color.



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