Natural Hair Color Chart From Any Providers Giving You Options


Natural hair color chart is so interesting to look. The cart shows you so many hair colors that may be suitable you’re your texture and style. if you are going to pick up a hair color, the cart may give you a very great benefit. Then, when you are going to pick up a hairstyle, the chart may also be beneficial. Since, some haircuts are only suitable with some specific color. Generally, there are four main hair colors. They are blonde, brunette, red and of course black. Those main colors will be better if they are combined with the other colors. For example, blonde color can be combined with the color with cooler tones. Thus, it produces a wonderful hair color like ash blonde or champagne. Such creative process can be applied to any main colors you like, or even your natural hair color.

Light mountain natural hair color chart

There are so many manufacturers have their own charts of hair color. Commonly, the charts provide many options for each of the main colors mentioned in cool, warm, and neutral tones. The manufacturers will not show all the colors they provide. However, the list of the hair color is the chart is enough. Some of the hair color may seem similar, but they are actually different.

L’Oreal is one of the most famous manufacturers focus in the hairstyle, including the hair color. It also has its own hair color chart. The chart is named as L’Oreal Feria. The line of the chart shows various hair colors beautifully, from the bright to the dark hair color. The survey shows that the two most famous hair colors by L’Oreal loved by people are the sunflower blonde and the crushed garnet. People who like a warm tone in their hair, the first one can be a best solution. Then, the second one is suitable for people with a sensation of cooler tone.

The second manufacturer is Clairol. It has the Perfect 10 that is famous among stylish business women. Clairol focuses on the blonde and brown shades hair, although it gives option related to the other colors. Examples of the colors provided are the light ash blonde, light golden brown, and medium reddish blonde. They are the mascots. Similar to the previous manufacturer, a list of so many hair colors is provided giving options to the people. Garnier Nutrisse is also one of the greatest manufacturers. It offers 38 shades of hair colors. They are variously arranged, from the cool, neutral, and warm tones with a few unique choices. Some of the best colors of Garnier Nutrisse are true red pomegranate, light reddish brown and deep burgundy.

Talking about hair color is so much interesting. Having a single color for your hair is acceptable. If you want to combine some colors, you may also do it. To find the proper color, natural hair color chart helps you very much. Before applying the color to your hair, it is better to do simple experiment. It is done by putting the color to a little part of your hair. If you like them, you may continue coloring your full hair. Consulting to your hairstylist is even better.



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