Nail Polish Stain Removal


It is very difficult to find a woman that doesn’t have a few favorite nail polish colors or brands. Nail polish is more than just nail decoration; it is a way of self expression. It is part of our individuality and femininity. Because they are wore in several types of situations and according to each woman’s tastes and moods, manufactures create many models and collections in an effort to get a big share of the market pie.

Most women have a small collection of color bottles in their homes. They know the bottles in their collections very well and know which color of nail polish to wear on each occasion. However, our hectic lives seldom give us enough time to have a proper nail polish application. Sometimes, this causes us to take less than we should, and unfortunately, it sometimes ends up in some nail polish spilling.

While nail polish makes our nails look beautiful, nail polish stains in our favorite clothes, carpets, or furniture look horrible and can mage us cringe. Specially when we’re in a hurry and we don’t have the time to stay and clean them (and usually, if we spill nail polish, it’s because we are in a hurry).

Nail polish stain removal can be a tricky business. Depending on the type of nail polish and the fabric, you can end up with a permanent stain, or a blank space resulting from removing both the nail polish and the original color of the fabric.

The first thing that many people do when attempting a nail polish stain removal is using nail polish remover. While it may work, it is not a good idea to do it on an impulse. Nail polish remover may make a bigger mess than what already is, and if your fabric isn’t color fast, it might brush off the color of your piece of clothing.

Nail polish stain removal should always start with a small test on a part of the piece of clothing that is usually hidden. In this case, try the nail polish remover first, for example, in the bottom part of a shirt that is normally tucked in.

Another common solvent used for nail polish stain removal is hydrogen peroxide. Remember to start the nail polish removal with a small test. Then rub off all the polish you can with a tissue before applying the peroxide.

But what if you’re a guy and you got your favorite shirt spilled with your girlfriend’s nail polish. How can you do a nail polish stain removal without nail polish remover or hair hydrogen peroxide? Well, you do a nail polish stain removal with baking soda. This makes the nail polish stain removal a bit less effective, but on the other hand, it is easier to clean afterwards.

Finally, if you want the best nail polish stain removal possible, take your piece of clothing to the dry cleaner. They will probably do a better job.



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