Nail Polish Remover


Nail polish is part of every woman’s life. Much like high heel shoes, and lipstick, it can also symbolize the end of childhood. For young teens, it can also be a form of rebellion or identification as a new generation, specially if their mothers won’t allow them to wear nail polish.

For adult women, nail polish is a form of self expression. It is an accessory that is used in several events. That’s why most women have at least a few bottles of nail polish bottles of different colors at home. And of course, there are women who go crazy about nail polish the way others go crazy about shoes or clothes.

Most nail polish colors will last from 3 to 7 days, depending on the brand. In general, higher quality nail polishes last longer and without damage, and that’s the reason why most women prefer them.

Nevertheless, sometimes it’s necessary to get rid of the old color before that time. The main reason, of course, is because it is necessary to get rid of old, damaged or chipped nail polish before applying a new coat. In these cases, a nail polish remover is needed.

A nail polish remover is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a chemical that removes old nail polish from nails. A nail polish remover is a must for every woman, since it’s very practical and necessary when wearing nail polish.

Nail polish remover is also a friend of women who like to change their nail colors very often. These are mainly young women who like to try different looks with frequency, and thus need to get rid of the old nail polish color in order to apply a new one. Older women also use it for this purpose but in different situations. For example, when they finish work on a Friday night and are invited to dinner, or they have some social event. In those cases, a quick visit to the bathroom and some use of nail polish remover will let them change to a classier, or more stylish color than the one they usually wear at the office.

Lastly, some words of advice. Nail polish remover is sometimes used to get rid of nail polish spilling on furniture or clothes. While it can do a good job, it is not recommended if the fabric to clean is pigmented or colored in some way, as nail polish remover will remover both the nail polish AND the color of the fabric, leaving a white spot. And of course, never, ever, apply nail polish remover to your face, as it can damage your skin seriously.



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