Nail Polish Rack


Nail polish is one of the beauty products that women love the most. Women love to wear them in order to make a fashion or personality statement, or to express themselves through them. Every purse has at least one bottle of nail polish in it, just in case. And of course, every woman has a collection of nail polish bottles of several bottles that goes from five or six bottles to a few dozen, in extreme cases (although some celebrities and wealthy women have been known to have hundreds of them).

Because the most important thing about a type of nail polish is its color, stores that sell them have to place them in the most accessible and attractive way possible. In these situations, a nail polish rack is recommended.

A nail polish rack is a piece of furniture specially designed to hold several bottles of nail polish for display, in a way that clients can take them and compare them easily. It contains several niches and separations for the bottles. In this way, a nail polish rack can be moved from one place of the store to another without risk of breaking the bottles.

The size of a nail polish rack not only affects how many bottles it can hold, but also its position. For example, it’s better to place small ones on tops of counters, at hand reaching level. It’s better to have only one brand or type of nail polish in a small polish rack rather than several ones, as it feels more coherent. If the store sells several brands of nail polish, it is recommended that it uses a small nail polish rack for each one.

On the other hand, a large nail polish rack can hold much more bottles and is better for calling the attention to a product or a collection. When using a large nail polish rack, it’s important to keep the upper levels full at all times, as customers will tend to get their products from them. The lower levels are there mainly to give strength to the image and customers won’t usually take the bottles from them. Therefore, it’s important to rotate the products to the upper levels constantly.

Also, arrangement of colors in a large nail polish rack is key to attract attention, and therefore, clients. A rainbow styled arrangement of colors is usually the most impressive, although anything that looks nice will do.

To finish, an interesting point. A lot of manufacturers of nail polish will provide a nail polish rack with their products. The conditions vary, but they usually include using it only for their products, a minimum purchase quantity, or a special condition in the sales contract.



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