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In the mid-1970’s mineral make up was born. And today it is exploding on the market. Mineral make up comes in foundations, blushes and eye shadows. They are made from naturally occurring minerals that are finely ground. They don’t have any dyes, preservatives or chemicals and are naturally hypoallergenic.

Mineral make up has proponents and detractors. Believers state that the make up is purer because it doesn’t contain the chemicals and perfumes that are found in other make ups. They don’t cause the usual problems with allergic reactions and are made from properties found in the earth. On the other had other make up experts believe that mineral make up ingredients are also found in traditional make up found in the department stores and that the mineral make up has no specific health benefits.

The jury is out and like most other situations that are laden with conflicting information you must make your own decision. There are many companies online that sell mineral make up and you are able to purchase a small trial size of most kinds of foundations, blushes and eye shadows so that you can try them in your own home.

The idea behind using make up is to enhance your natural beauty and cover the blemishes and inconsistencies in your face that you may find unattractive. Remember that make up, all make up, looks different in different lights. You skin will have a different appearance, using the same make up, under fluorescent lighting, regular lights and sunlight.

When you apply mineral make up most experts tell you to use an expensive brush that isn’t made from animal hair. The synthetic brushes are best because they don’t shed as much nor do they acquire bacteria as easily. Apply one layer and then test how this looks on your skin in all of the different lights. Using a setting powder will also change the way the foundation appears so you may want to forgo using a setting powder if you like the way the foundation goes on.

When you apply the mineral make up make sure that your skin has moisture but isn’t oily. It’s best to have a freshly washed face with a gentle cleanser and then moisturize lightly. Give your face at least 15 minutes between moisturizing and applying make up for the moisturizer to soak into your skin completely.

When you are choosing your colors for foundation and blush remember the seasons of the year. In the summer it is best to use less mineral make up since your skin is a bit more oily and you may be outside and sweating. Even mineral make up can clog the pores. Also in summer you can go with a shade darker foundation to match the sun kissed glow you are sporting but use lighter colors of eye shadow, blush and lipstick. In the winter months your foundation will have to change to accommodate your lack of tan but colors for eyes, lips and cheeks can be darker and warmer.

If you have naturally oily skin avoid using the liquid mineral foundations and try the powder mineral make up. Mica is an ingredient that makes your skin appear a bit more shiny so if oil is something you struggle with be sure your foundation doesn’t include mica.

Mineral make up detractors like to also say that the make up will make women with a strong ethnic background appear yellow or even green but only testing will tell if this is true for you. Trial sizes of mineral make up are often less than $10.00 and online companies are often willing to work with you. A happy customer is one that will buy from them time and time again – and after all, that is exactly what they are after!


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