Make Up Color For Red Heads


Women who sport red hair and a fair complexion have a few challenges all their own. Red hair actually comes in several different tones, with matching skin tones. There are the strawberry blondes, auburns, and bright reds. Some have skin tones that are a bit darker but most red heads have very fair complexion and some even describe their complexion as fairly translucent.

Let’s start with the foundation for make up color for red heads. Only the sheerest will do. Foundation is meant to even out skin tones and with fair complexion and some pinkness that plague redheads you need a foundation. Your foundation won’t cover freckles or scar tissue and if you purchase one that is heavy enough to do that then the color will be so different from your skin tone that you’ll have a dark line around your chin where the foundation leaves off and your skin tone picks up. The foundation should go on smoothly and evenly. If you have trouble with the application then mix the foundation with some moisturizer to improve the way the foundation goes on.

Eye make up color for red heads used to be standard camel to light brown colors. But today red heads really don’t have to be limited to that palette. You may want to try golds and khaki as well. The number of colors available are almost limitless now. You’ll be able to find blue eye shadow that isn’t necessarily a sky blue but can have a gold or tan undertone. Neutral light browns and pinks also work well. The real way to determine what works best for you is to try several. Department stores often have eye shadow colors out for you to test. There are lower price point eye shadows at the pharmacy but you don’t have the advantage of trying them out first. You may be able to find a match at the pharmacy for the department store color you enjoy.

Make up color for red heads includes an eye liner as well. Use the eye liner on the top lid only or you may look a bit like dracula out for the prowl. Brown, black or even plum work well when they are applied close to the roots of the lashes and smudges slightly at the corner to soften the look. If the liner is too harsh put a layer of eye shadow over the liner to soften it even further.

If your eye brows need some assistance use a light red brown pencil that matches your hair color as closely as possible. Use it only to fill in the gaps in your eye brows and not draw outside of the hairline. If you use a color that is too dark it will make your face look more pasty.

The color of your blush is very important. Make the color too pale and you’ll look even paler. If you use a bronzer use it sparingly. Warm shades will give you a healthy glow and adding gold to your eye lids and cheekbones will add interest and glow.

Make up colors for red heads may be challenging but with the right choices you will have a more dramatic effect than any dark haired beauty can accomplish.



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