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This article will be talking about Egyptian eye makeup. Why is it Egypt? It is because for the ancient Egyptians, beauty is regarded as a sign of holiness. Maybe some of you do not understand yet that almost everything ancient Egyptians did definitely had a spiritual thing behind it, so did cosmetics for them. That is why cosmetics were considered an integral part of their daily lives. In many goods’ of the ancient Egyptian, we can find something more interesting thing that were not only used for aesthetic purposes but also for religious purposes. Egyptian has all the things on their own, including makeup. They also are very popular for the eye makeup that is regarded as very sensual.

Talking about eye makeup, actually there are so many ways to do eye makeup, but the ancient Egyptian eye makeup can be said as the sexiest and the most popular makeup looks in many countries in this world. People from all over the world use it for many purposes. It is considered as a symbol of an era where skin care and makeup becomes incredibly important up to such extent that it laid the foundation of beauty products for years to come. Whenever you will use the eye makeup, it will always look good because it has a lifetime look.

Egyptian Eye Makeup

egyptian eye makeup

I have stated in the ones that created this eye makeup is the ancient Egyptian. It used to be worn by Cleopatra. Even though centuries have passed since the falling of this mighty civilization, the Egyptian eye makeup is still considered as one of the sexiest and powerful looks of all times. These days, its influences can even be seen through many kinds of fashion shows or from the makeup done by many actors and actresses in television, including when Halloween, it is definitely one of the top choices that can be worn not only by women but also by men.

Most people believe that this eye makeup is one of the most luxurious yet sexy looks you will get after getting it in your eyes. They usually say that it is a symbol of beauty and that eyes are the point of a makeup. So, it is a must to make the eyes as the point that will give good impressions to whoever sees it. If you search for some information, there are so many Egyptian makeup looks that you can try out. What you need to do is matching it with the circumstances. The look for fashions show and the look for party will be different.


egyptian eye makeup techniques

From long time ago, Egyptian had thought that makeup had many benefits, from medical purpose, to cosmetic and even religious aspect. Among all of those eye makeup styles, there is the famous Egyptian Eye One that was designed similar to the feline eye. It is an animal that was considered sacred in those times by lining them with one of the basic type of eye makeup in ancient times, they are Kohl or Mesdemet. This substance derived from lead sulfide and antimony sulfide, and even though they used it to protect themselves against sun rays, bugs and disease, it was later proved to be poisonous.


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