Let’s Have Fun With MakeUp Tutorials For Brown Eyes!


Have you ever heard of makeup tuturials for brown eyes? Brown is a natural and sexy colour, and brown eyes match your complexion very well. Basically, this eye colour can go well with any other colour. Even without makeup, your brown eyes are already attractive. The colours you should choose to beautifulize your brown eyes depend on what occasion you are attending. Continue reading, practice the tutorial and soon you will be an expert for yourself and your girlfriends.



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Turn ‘I Hate Mondays’ into ‘Welcome Mondays’
I love Fridays and I hate Mondays, which is what everybody says. From now on, You will certainly love Mondays. How to welcome the new day of the week? One of the makeup tutorials for brown eyes will teach you a very exciting lesson for this purpose. Gold is a colour which keeps up your motivation, and this shiny colour suits brown eyes very well. Therefore, try golden eyeshadows on your upper eyelids. Then, brush brownish eyeshadows above the gold. Add a white eyeliner below the eyes to create a naturally fresh appearance. We recommend black eyelashes and eyebrows to highlight the fresh looking eyes. There you are, ready to smile to the world on the first working day everybody wishes to disappear. Notice the reaction from everybody at work. They should be surprised to see you looking unexpectedly fresh and happy on a Monday! They perhaps won’t say anything to you, but for sure you can tell from their facial expressions. Certainly, you will catch the attention from your crush in the office.

Be the Hot Girl with Sparks with makeup tutorial for brown eyes!



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You are a very busy career girl juggling between work and relationships, so time flies. Suddenly it is Friday evening again, which is the time for a ladies’ night out but this time you want to try a new make up. You are bored with the same make up over and over again, and this time you want to be a new person but by following simple steps. We are here for your need and who knows it will boost your confidence. As long as your skin isn’t allergic to glittery beauty products, you can always have fun having sparkling eyes. Here is again, one of our makeup turorials for brown eyes.


tips makeup tutorial for brown eyes

Why don’t you paint your upper eyelids with at least three different colours (cream, brown and very dark brown)? Then, make your eyes shine by adding some white sparks. What about the lipstick? Since lookingwarm is crucial at the social occasions, we advise that you should apply red lipstick. Looking warm and funky in the evening, you will be the most stunning girl wherever you hangout tonight with your girlfriends. It’s perfect for clubbing, your niece or nephew’s birthday party or even a cup of coffee with a bunch of friends for a school reunion at Starbucks. This lesson is a must-try makeup tutorial. Are you ready to look gorgeous this weekend?

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