Laser Cosmetic Surgery For Scars Removal


Laser cosmetic surgery scars are a high tech weapon in the fight against aging skin and scar tissue. Laser cosmetic surgery scar removal works by vaporizing the skin which doesn’t exactly sound like a good thing. People who are suffering from acne scars and scars from infection and other procedures often find that laser cosmetic surgery scar removal is a positive experience.

In more recent years lasers have gone from a science fictional image into the surgeon’s hands. According to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons each year the number of men and women who undergo laser cosmetic surgery scar removal increases.

Laser cosmetic surgery scar removal is often called laser resurfacing or laser treatments. This is a very controlled burning procedure of the skin cells that pretty much vaporizes superficial layers of the skin. The procedure removes not only wrinkles and lines caused by the sun and aging but also removes scars from acne, infection and trauma. Some physicians use it to remove pre-cancerous and benign superficial growths. Theoretically this creates a surface for fresh skin to grow.

The use of the laser has been a powerful industrial tool since 1958 but the application in medicine has been more recent. One of the positive effects of the laser cosmetic surgery scar removal is that it is incredibly accurate and can remove specific amounts of skin while decreasing the amount of bleeding that occurs. This is something the knife can’t do.

Laser application in medicine is also very selective. Because the wavelengths of the light are different surgeons can use the laser to remove only specific tissue such as a port wine stain or hair follicles without affecting the nearby tissue.

Collagen is a key fibrous protein in the skin’s connective tissue that helps to give the skin it’s smooth and firm texture. Natural aging plus other factors such as sun damage and smoking help to break down the collagen layer so the surface develops wrinkles. Laser cosmetic surgery scar removal helps to resurface the skin to remove those wrinkles as well.

Once a patient has undergone this procedure they must stay out of the sun and be very careful about using SPF 30 protection to decrease the damage that can be done following the surgery. Patients should also avoid smoking so that the results will last longer.

The changes to the skin can improve a person’s youthful appearance by 8-10 years and the procedure will often last for approximately 10 years. However, exposure to the sun and smoking will decrease the time the improvements last by 50%.

Not every person is an ideal candidate for the resurfacing and scar removal techniques. People with very sensitive skin or those with high amounts of melanin to the skin will produce results that are unpredictable and can also produce scar tissue as a result from the burn procedure.

This technique is also not an easy procedure from which to recover either. There will be bruising, swelling and typical burned skin reactions such as oozing, weeping, crusty, bruised and scabbed appearing face. The patient will be in the house for 7 to 10 days. And once the burns have healed they should not expect perfection. Patient’s can expect at least a 50% improvement in the laser cosmetic surgery scar removal technique.

Laser cosmetic surgery scar removal is a technique that is currently used nationwide and with good results. In the hands of a skilled, qualified cosmetic surgeon this procedure can add a more youthful appearance.

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