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Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, is not only good-looking and hot, but also is a very talented makeup artist. He has made over Kim’s look , a 34 year-old American reality TV star, who is very popular for her talent, beauty and sexiness. Kim, you are the luckiest woman in the world. What has Mario done to make the young star look even more stunning? Who else could share her other beauty secrets? Can you copy her look?

Kim Kardashian Makeup Artist

kim kardashian makeup artist

kim kardashian makeup artist

Mario’s Ideas on Kim’s Big Daybest kim kardashian makeup artist

Kim married a black singer, Kenya West in May 2014. Kenya sang a funny song titled “Gold Digger”. They had been friends before they became famous and finally made a perfect couple, since the bride was really pretty while the groom was masculine. Kim Kardarshian’s makeup artist, Mario, came up with some brilliant ideas for Kim’s wedding makeup. You will find worth trying on your own wedding or parties. Kim’s face was flawless, which made her look a lot younger. Surprisingly, Mario used affordable brands such as L’Oreal Paris , Urban Decay and the Kardarshian products. Here is Kim, smiling at her guests. It wasn’t a bad idea for you to follow, was it? Mario, the genius make up artist used liquid foundation from Urban Decay. Liquid foundation will create a natural flawless look and it is easy to apply. The bronzer from the same brand was applied on Kim’s hairlines, jawlines and cheeks to slim down her face and give warmth. It is every lady’s dream to look warmer and slimmer. The eyeshadows were from L’Oreal Paris and he chose the infallible ones. On her wedding, Kim used her Kadarshian lashes and since she would prefer to have natural looking lips, she applied honey sttick lipgloss. Of course, it was done with Mario’s approval so they came up with a naturally beautiful bride. You can see how amazing Kim looks here with Mario.

Let’s Steal Kim’s Other Beauty Secrets from Someone Else

km kardashian wedding make up
Although Mario is a famous makeup artist whose name is all over the internet, for your information there is another expert, even called Maestro. Stephen Moleski. He is also Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. He suggests using brown powder below Kim’s lower lashes. Apply this technique if you want to avoid looking pale. Hey, it can be done to hide dark circles and baggy eyes which are commonly hated. In addition, red and orange lipsticks will even create a radiant look. Thanks to Moleski, too, this simple tip can dramatically change your appearance. If you aren’t in the mood of looking too bright, Moleski recommends applying pink lipstick. Kim looks so naturally fresh that she looks younger with her pink lips. The maestro has blended two matte bronzers to suit the soft lipstick colour. Will you try it ? It will be a good start of a day when you can mpress your colleagues or even boss with either the warm or soft look.

best kim kardashian makeup wedding artist

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