Instructions On Applying Makeup


Make up is a simple and cost effective way to enhance your natural beauty and cover any blemishes that you may find unattractive. Make up can cover acne scars, visually change the spacing of your eyes, give your cheekbones more structure or give you a healthy glow to your appearance. Following simply instructions on applying make up will help you to make simple changes for a wonderful overall appearance. You can make changes, experiment with color and placement and you can experiment with different types of products to achieve the look you are after.

The first instruction on applying make up is to start with a clean slate. Always start with a clean face before applying make. Use a gentle cleanser that is suited to your skin type. Leave the toner for later in the day after you remove your make up. But do use a light moisturizer over your entire face. Once you have placed the moisturizer wait at least 15 minutes before beginning to apply your make up. This will allow time for the moisturizer to fully penetrate your skin and not cause your make up to cake.

The first piece of make up you’ll want to use is a concealer. Even top models don’t have flawless skin. In fact, no one does! Concealer is used to hide any blemishes or even those dark circles under your eyes. Select a color that is one shade lighter than your foundation. If you are trying to cover red areas left after a pimple has resolved use a green concealer. The green and red will cancel each other out. Use concealer that is from a pot or a tube instead of a stick which won’t give the same kind of coverage. Put a dip of concealer on your skin and give it about 10 seconds before you blend it with the tip of your finger or a make up sponge.

Next is to use a foundation or base. A liquid foundation or crème foundation that matches your skin tone exactly is your best choice. You don’t want to be left with a line of evident make up around your chin. Start with dots of foundation in the middle of your face and using your fingers or make up sponge spread it out until it covers your face. The foundation covers the concealer and gives your face a smooth overall canvas for the rest of your make up. The goal of foundation or base is to even the tone of your skin.

Now move to your eyes. It’s what people notice first when they meet and greet you. They have been called the mirror of the soul and when dressed correctly can melt a man’s heart. There are several steps. Start with the eye brows. Don’t pluck them excessively but create a graceful arch that begins at the inside corner of the eye and ends at the outside corner or just beyond the outside corner of the eye. You can use a pencil to fill in the gaps but don’t use it to draw in eyebrows.

When you are applying your eye shadow use a slanted brush, it’ll make the powder go on more smoothly. Your eye shadow should coordinate with your eye color and skin tone and has nothing to do with the color of your clothing. If you like to use eye liner then apply it as close to the lash root as possible. You aren’t aiming for a harsh look but rather a coordinated look. If the liner looks too harsh try applying some dark eye shadow over the top of the liner to soften the look.

Use a dark color over the lid, medium color in the crease and a highlight color under the brows. For daytime use a matte color but sparkles and gleams are great for night wear. Your eye shadow can be applied dry or wet if it’s powder. To apply it wet, slightly dampen the end of your brush and dip it in the powder. This will help to keep the color in place longer.

Mascara is the last step in the eye instructions on applying make up. Select your color based on your skin color and tone. Stay away from dark black unless you are under 30. After 30 it tends to date and age your look. Use the wand of the mascara carefully. Don’t pump the wand in and out of the case because you’ll be injecting air which decreases the life of your mascara drying it out. Place the wand inside the case and twirl it around to get more on the brush. Wait between coats since this will help avoid clumping.

Moving down your face, blush comes in powder, gel and crème forms. Whichever application type you choose use it sparingly. The idea is to give your cheeks a glow of health not make you look like a clown. Test where the blush looks most flattering on you. It may be just over the apples of your cheeks or just under. You also may want try using the blush over your cheek bones behind the apples of your cheeks.

Once you are finished applying foundation, blush and eye shadow you can then apply a translucent powder to set your make up and help it to last throughout the day. Your last application is lipstick. Pick a color that complements your skin tone and the season of the year. Lighter colors go best in summer and darker in the winter.

If you choose to use lip liner choose a color that is one shade lighter than your lipstick. Start at the top middle of your lips and line to the outside corner of your lips. Outline the bottom of your lips the same way. Be sure your lips are dry before placing their lipstick and liner and don’t lick your lips during the day. The skin over your lips is thinner than anywhere on your face so licking your lips can damage them and cause them to dry out.



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