How To Do Emo Makeup


Emo is more of an entire ‘scene’ or lifestyle than just make up or clothing. Some may mistake this for a Goth look but it is really more colorful and not as ‘dark’ as Goth. Emo carries it’s own scene, music, lifestyle and life view. You may be looking for a one or two day make up change or maybe you are thinking about immersing yourself in the emo lifestyle. If it’s the latter then do your research. No one enjoys being around a ‘poser’ or someone just posing the lifestyle but not living it. And the real trick is to be yourself without trying to be someone else. Posing as a person immersed in emo will only ostracize you from both traditional culture and the emo culture.

How to do emo make up is easy because it uses fairly basic techniques. Part of the technique involves the hair. There are actually several styles that are part of the emo look that aren’t just a butch short chop cut. The hair should be straight, layered and colored in streaks; or it can be dyed black. You can have bangs and whatever length cut you like without curls. A pink and black dye job is becoming popular and randomly placed barrettes are always a welcome addition.

How to do the emo make up starts with a clean face. You may want to have a hard edge look but combined with a pimply breakout this look loses it’s cutting edge. Use a gentle cleanser and leave the toner for later that evening when you take the make up off. A thick emo foundation can be used or if your skin tone is fairly even then the foundation can be traditional. The goal is to even your skin tone and make your face just one color, preferably lighter, without blotches or red marks showing through.

The real point in how to do the emo make up though is the eye make up. There are several techniques that you should try until you find one that works best for you. You’ll want to use eyeliner, black, as close to the lashes as possible and then just over the top of the liner, going toward the eyebrow, place an eye liner of purple or violet. Add eyeliner to the bottom of the eye as well. You may chose to use pencil under the eye to give a better smudge look. Don’t use the liner inside the lid because it stings and affects your eyes. Instead use pencil inside the lower lid if you choose to use black in that position.

Use dark eye shadow over lid. You may want to use a light highlighting eye shadow just under the eyebrow to make the dark around your eyes really pop. You can also highlight around the black with dark red eye shadow. Now put on a liberal amount of black mascara, possibly three layers allowing the layer before to dry completely. This layering will allow you to really pile on the dark mascara. Tone down this eye make up for work or where others who dress emo won’t be present.

The ‘look’ is pale skin with dark eyes, dark lips and dark nails. Your nail polish can be black, dark purple, dark red or even black and white stripes. Your lipstick should be a dark red or even dark purple.

How to apply this type of emo make up is simple but the effect is staggering. However, without really living the style you will be seen as posing which totally makes the style you achieved fake.



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