Hairstyles For Long Hair For School – Got a Minute?


Only limited time is provided for these hairstyles for long hair for school. You may experience these situations on your weekdays: Hitting up the snooze button, waking up late, being extremely busy to prepare everything that you haven’t done last night, and in the end there’s no good hairstyle and breakfast for you because you’re running out of time. You keep repeating the habit and you still wear boring hairstyle for school.

It’s necessary to keep everything simple, including hairstyles for school that are purposely made for long hair. You only need several minute to get your hairstyles done, even though your long hair makes you hard to believe. Actually, simple hairstyles can be amazing if you know how to give twists to them.

Twist the Braids

Braid style will be the savior of your hairstyles for long hair for school. But, first, you need to master it in order to get the best result fast. In the beginning, you can try traditional braid style while pulling out your hair to one side of your shoulder, just like a side braid. After that, you also can try two-strand waterfall braid that falls diagonally at the back of your hair. Another braid option is the fishtail braid. This braid style looks simple yet gorgeous for long hair. Take this fishtail braid to another level by curling your hair first before braiding it in order to get natural wavy texture. In the end, for keeping the shape and texture of the braid hairstyle, you can secure it by adding bobby pins. On the other hand, hairspray can be another solution to secure the braid texture, but make sure you’re not using it too much to avoid greasy look. Always choose oil or grease based hairspray.

Twisted Ponytails

Don’t get bored with ponytails. There are other ways to rock these hairstyles for long hair for school. First, you can add twist in the middle. You can divide the ponytail into two parts, twist one part, arrange it so it wraps around another part, then it’s finished. Also, you can create side ponytails too for more variation. Just set it under your ear and you’re done. Second, you can make layered ponytails by dividing your hair into three parts horizontally, then tie each the part just like usual ponytail so there will be three ponytails (depending on how many parts that you can create). In the end, combine the hair from each of the part to make a straight line of layered ponytails. Ponytails can be more amazing if you can add volume on the top of your head. The messier the ponytails, the sexier they will be.
Simple Bun
School is also cool for simple bun. As one of the hairstyles for long hair for school, simple bun is suitable for you whom are busy with school activities but want to stay stylish. At first, you may create a ponytail – high ponytail if possible. After securing it, roll the ponytail from the tip of the hair. In the end, let the bun safe at the base of your ponytail. Also, there’s another simple bun that you can make by just flipping your tip of the ponytail into the inner part of the ponytail itself.




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