Beautiful Cute Hair Ideas For Long Hair For School


After finishing holiday, girls are thinking or the trendy and beautiful hair ideas for long hair. The hairstyle has to match and suit the face shape. In fact, hairstyles for school have to be easy to maintain, besides cute and fun. The girls with long hair have so many hairstyles to choose. It is possible for you to look different.

One of the most popular hairstyles for school is the ponytail hairstyles. This style is never go out the fashion. Moreover, nowadays, so many styles of ponytail are prepared for different face texture. For long hair, single ponytail is better. It can be high ponytail with full bangs. To make it perfect, you have to carefully brush the hair up and tie them using rubber band. This simple hairstyle is so suitable for school, remembering the students like simple style but attractive. The other attractive ponytail is the side ponytail. Both white and colored girls are suitable with this stylish ponytail. It is even possible when you want a half ponytail. It is done by firstly dividing your hair into two. Then, while the top part is tied up, the bottom part is flown down. Some clips and bang make you even more beautiful. This half ponytail can have variation. You can make twirled half ponytail by twisting the two strands after gathering and tying the top layer. Layered ponytail even needs more rubber bands to make several layers on your ponytail. It can have until four or five layers of the ponytail. All those types of ponytails are suitable for long hair. Most girls choose ponytail to go to school.

Hair ideas for long hair color for school

Next, the side bang is also beautiful except the ponytail. The other one is by having deep side part to sweep your stands across forehead, and let the other flow down to the shoulders. This style keeps your hair tidy during the class. Updo hairstyle is also great. You have to no worry of the messiness of the hair. Such messiness updo hairstyle makes the hair more attractive. It is clever to leave some strands to bang your face. The rest will be great to put updo. If you love braid hairstyle, some hair ideas for long hair for school are also in the general style of braid hair. For colored girls, such hairstyle is categorized as the best style. Goddess braid can be very great for school. Moreover, such hairstyle is simple and comfortable, will not make any problem when you are studying in the school. The other styles of the braid hair are also nice and comfortable. Little girls are beautiful with such simple hair style.

If you want to have great hair ideas for long hair so you can go to school confidently, some hair accessories may help. For example, headband can be one of the best solutions. Moreover, the headbands can be in any favorite colors. Some other hair accessories are possible to be applied with the beautiful long hair. Accessories create varieties of hair style that make it not boring for going to school every day.



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