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Makeup is really important for women, especially for you who are working in certain places who require you to always look beautiful with colorful makeup. There are many makeup brands and products you can find today, from the popular and professional makeup brand with expensive prices, up to the standard and low-priced makeup. However, to make sure that the makeup is safe to be used for your skin, many people recommend using the makeup with vegan ingredients. This is because by using vegan-based makeup is safer to your skin since it does not use any chemical or animal materials. There is some vegan makeup brands list that quite popular for those makeup addicts, it can be your references as well.
Everyday Minerals Blushes
One of the most popular vegan makeup brands list is Everyday Minerals. There are several products that available for you, from face product like eye shadows, blushes, and even makeup kit brushes. One of the most popular products from this vegan makeup brand is its beautiful blushes. For you who want to get beautiful and reddish cheek look for your makeup, you can choose some of its beautiful blushes that match to your skin tone. For example, for you who have fair white skin tone, probably you can choose the Cameo Blush with a pale rosy flush that looks perfectly effortless.

mineral makeup blushes
For anyone of you who do not like the pale rosy look, you can either choose the beachy pink coral that fit to your fair yellowish skin tone. The beachy pink coral can be used for your everyday blush on makeup, or you can use it for special events like parties or hangouts. The Peony Petal Blush with its beachy pink coral will make you think bright and warm like a fresh budding bloom.


Modern Mineral Makeup
Other popular vegan makeup brands list is the Modern Mineral Makeup which will provide you with complete products from face, eye, cheek and even the beauty tools. For the face product, you can try its various face powder colors that you can find match to your skin tone. For the face product itself, the brand has various colors such honey, almond, olive, beach and others. Here are the honey face powder colors that available in 5 items.
mineral makeup


To emphasize your eye makeup, you can beautify your eye makeup with shimmers from Modern Mineral Makeup. There are various colors available for shimmer, which you can choose it by yourself to find the fittest one to your skin tone and to your events. There are about 35 items of shimmer options that you can choose.
shimmer mineral makeup

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