Four Perfect Short Hairstyles For Round Faces


Choosing the right hairstyle according the face shape is very essential before asking the barber to cut your hair. It happens because it can influence or affect the result. Moreover, it is supported by the hairstyle is about the geometry and shape by framing one’s face. It can be balance and bring the best appearance for your beauty. Moreover, those with round faces can be either slimmer or wider because of the applied hairstyles. Furthermore, not every short hairstyle is perfect for the round faces. Therefore, this article will guide you to choose the correct one by talking about the right and perfect short hairstyles for the round faces. For further information, four perfect haircuts can be found in the following explanation.

Number one: cropped bob with jaw edges for your round face

The cropped bob with jaw edges can be the easiest hairstyle to do. This hairstyle can compensate the roundedness in your face by making additional volume on the top. The people with the round faces need to add the height not width. In fact, this hairstyle fulfills the criteria for your beloved round face. Moreover, this hairstyle can bring the freshness and slimmer effect. You can look so stylish without gaining more chubbiness. It is better by applying two tones brown hair colors to bring the amazing result of this hairstyle. Thus, this short hairstyles for the round faces can work together perfectly with your roundness.

Number two: pixie haircut with side bangs for your round face

The next hairstyle to try for your round face is pixie haircut with side bangs. This hairstyle also brings the additional volume on the top. The side bangs are useful to compensate and handle the strong jaw and chin line in order to create the slimmer effect. Moreover, the pixie haircut looks the best with your round face because it is styled with a side parting. In conclusion, this haircut can make you look so flattering with your round face.

Number three: Asymmetric short hairstyle with a temple undercut for your round face

Asymmetry is known to give best appearance for medium length hairstyle. In fact, this haircut also gives the best result for the short length hairstyle. The long asymmetric bangs help your face appear with a good lift. Moreover, the diagonal line that crosses your forehead can bring the stylish and elegant look at the same time. These short hairstyles for the round faces can compensate your roundness in a perfect way with the amazing and satisfying result.

Number four: Pixie haircut with tapered sideburns for your round face

The next one is the pixie haircut with tapered sideburns which can be so perfectly for your round face. Sideburns can frame your round face and make your face look slimmer. Thus, it can reduce your chubbiness. It looks best especially for the blonde hair people with darkened root. This haircut make your top boundary of your face shows not in where the hair growth but from where the darkened roots exist.



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