Formaldehyde Free Nail Polish


For several decades, we began discovering and developing new materials and products. A lot of these came from oil and its derivates, such as plastics. However, we also began to use different types of chemicals in almost every field in order to gain a benefit. We added colorants to our food and pesticides to our crops. We also use several types of materials like paint, ink, plastics, fibers, and many, many different types of chemicals. Just look at the label of ingredients of any cereal box or processed food. More than half of what you’ll find are chemical names that will not mean anything to you.

One of the dangerous chemicals that we use often is formaldehyde. And you would be surprised that the most common application for formaldehyde is on nail polish. Yes, I’m talking about the one that you wear on your nails almost everyday. That’s why some companies have started producing formaldehyde free nail polish. Formaldehyde free nail polish claims not to have the dangerous chemical. However, it is wise to always check the label of a bottle before buying it.

The reason why formaldehyde is not something you want is because it carries serious potential health risks. Perhaps the most dangerous one is that formaldehyde is a carcinogen. That alone should be enough to convince even the vainest of women to change to a formaldehyde free nail polish.

However, if that weren’t enough, formaldehyde also has several effects that resemble those of heavy smoke. These include watery eyes, pain in the forehead or severe headaches, throat burning, breathing problems, etc.

We get formaldehyde into our systems by breathing it. As any woman knows, nail polish has a strong scent. While it is strong enough when we use it ourselves, imagine its effect when we are sitting in a nail salon. Of course, we also get it through the toxin that passes through our nail beds.

Unfortunately, the manufacture of formaldehyde free nail polish is not mandatory by law yet. While other dangerous chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate aren’t used anymore by the big names in the industry, not every brand is really a formaldehyde free nail polish.

In fact, it is up to each manufacturer to include it or not. Since developing a non toxic replacement in order to produce formaldehyde free nail polish is time consuming and requires investments, it is no wonder that some companies have opted to ignore the problem.

Therefore, it’s up to us, as customers to take matters into our own hands. Always make sure to read the label before you buy a bottle in order to make sure you’re getting formaldehyde free nail polish. And also make a point of asking the clerk if such or such brand is really a formaldehyde free nail polish. Once they understand our preferences, formaldehyde free nail polish will become the norm.



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