Finding The Best Eye Cream For Your Puffy Eyes


Almost everyone experience the swollen and puffy eyes when they wake up in the morning. Some of them may face the swollen eyes after the late night. Meanwhile, some of them experience their puffy eyes become worsen and worsen in the morning and the puffiness do not want to go away. Of course, people want to get rid of them. One of the ways is by finding the best eye cream for puffiness. In fact, there are a lot of skin care companies which produce the products for treating the chronic and occasional puffiness in people’s eyes. Here, this article may help you find the best one among them that is suitable for your need and problem.

Understanding the 10 main causes of your puffy eyes

Before purchasing the best eye cream for puffiness you have to understand the causes of your puffy eyes. Number one is your sleeping position. The wrong sleeping position can make the puffiness in your eye especially when you keep your head flat. It happens because this position make the fluid is collected in your eyes’ tissue. Number two is the use of contact lenses. The use of contact less are known to increase the eye irritation and infection even in the best circumstance or usage. Thus, it can make your eyes swollen and puffy. Number three is your diet. The consumption of alcohol and salt or salted food can improve the water retention and make puffiness around your eyes. Number four is the existence of allergies. The allergens which exist in the air or are caused by the eye rubbing can make your eyes turn into swollen, puffy and red one for a long period of time. Number five is the dryness around your eye. The dry skin or dryness around your eyes can support the puffiness and swollen in your eyes. It happens because it makes your eyes look wrinkled and tired. Number six is makeup residue. The use of makeup can be one of the puffy eye causes. It happens because the makeup residue can irritate your eyes caused by its material or substance. Number seven is crying. Yes. Crying can also make the puffy eyes. It happens because your crying can make inflammation around your eyes and make puffiness. Number eight is sun damage. The exposure of sun can make your eyes become wrinkled, dark and dry. In addition, without good protection, your eyes can start to be puffy and swollen. Number nine is the exposure of irritants. The irritant can irritate and make inflammation which leads you to get the puffy and swollen eyes. The last one is fat pads. The fat pads refer to the genetic or human’s natural looks.

Choosing the best eye products for puffiness

By understanding its cause, you can find what you need. You are able to match the eye product according your puffiness’ cause. You can solve your puffy eyes by correcting your lifestyle and purchase the skin care product if needed. The best eye products for puffiness are suitable for the eyes that need moisturizer such as those which are caused by dryness and sun damage.


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