Different Types Of Makeup Brushes To Apply Face Powder


When talking about types of makeup brushes, certainly there are so many types we can talk about. Basically, there are at least 18 different types of brushes to apply makeup can be known right now. In this post, we will limit the talk only in different brushes you can use to apply face powder. With this information, you will know that applying the powder can be done not only by using regular powder puff. Instead, you can use brush too. The result you will get can be even better when you know about which type of brush to pick to apply the kind of powder you love to use the most to create the beauty look.

Regular Powder Brush

The very first examples of types of makeup brushes designed very especially to apply face powder is usually called as the regular powder brush. Because this can also be used to apply bronzer, the brush is often called as well by the name of bronzer brush. The characteristics of this brush are full, rounded, and soft. This is the brush that is designed with the compatibility to pick the ideal amount of powder any time you use it. This way the color resulted can look so flawless on the skin. Certainly, this result is much better than the result of using regular powder puff.

A thing you need to remember when about to use this brush is that it is more suitable to use for compact powder or even bronzer as told previously. Other than this, you should not forget to shake some excess powder before applying it on your skin in order to gain the best and smoothest result ever.

Fan Powder Brush and Mineral Powder Brush

The next types of makeup brushes for face powder are fan powder and mineral powder brushes. Certainly, each of those is different to one another. The fan powder brush, for example, is made to be used when applying loose powder. Applying the powder by using this brush can give you the velvety look so that you skin can look so soft. The brush is also helpful in making face powder covering some imperfections on the face. Other function that is also found to be quite interesting from this brush is that it can be used to remove some excess powder which comes not only from the applying of face powder but also some eye-makeup like shadows.

The last but not least type of face powder brush we will talk about here is the mineral powder brush. This one is not only bundles but also thick. Most of makeup brushes in this type can be used for both dry and wet makeup applying. Certainly, it is also the one that is designed very especially to apply mineral powder and the way to apply it is usually by creating small circular movement with the brush. This way, the finishing can look flawless. Now that you already know about all types of brush can be used to apply face powder, it is so certain that you know also about which face powder brush you need the most.



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