Different Types Of Nubian Twist Hair Styles For Natural Look


Different types of Nubian twist hair styles can be useful for you if you have this natural look. Who said that having natural curly hair will limit your choices of hair styles? Having curly hair does not mean that you have to always tame your hair by using flat iron or smoothing your hair. In fact, you can show your natural hair off and let the world know how beautiful you are. Then, what should you do to style your curly hair without damaging it? These are different hair styles ideas that you can apply for daily use.

The Popular Twist Style

Twist indeed is the most popular style. However, what kind of twist that will suit you? If you prefer to have the long twist, then you can choose Senegalese style. Commonly, Nubian is tight looking and short. But you can have long one with Senegalese. Next, micro braid is also great for you. This is the hair style that does not need much maintenance. In fact, with micro braid, you can show your Nubian hair without using much effort. Next, kinky lock twist will also be good in your Nubian hair. This hair style will make your hair look natural and soft.

Despite the different types of Nubian twist hair styles that you choose, you should also know how to care your hair. It is true that Nubian hair is not that easy to handle. You have to know how to protect your hair from being damaged by the wrong maintenance. The good news is, the maintenance process is quite simple. You do not have to visit the hair salon every now and then to get the process done. As long as you know what to do, you can save your money from caring your own hair without using professional service.

What You Should Do
First, whatever different types of Nubian twist hair styles that you choose, you should regularly wash your hair. It is not recommended to wash your hair everyday though, because it can damage your hair. Make it at least 2 or 3 weeks. Make sure that you choose the shampoo that contains moisturizer, or even better, contains aloe vera. It is because Nubian hair is commonly dry and damage prone. You have to keep it moisturized to make it soft. Next, you should also use warm water. Avoid using too hot water to wash you hair since hot water can make your hair even drier.

After that, make sure that you apply conditioner as well. Conditioner is better to make your hair moisturized. After washing your hair with the right shampoo, you can apply conditioner. And next, after the washing process is done, keep in mind that you are not recommended to dry your hair using a towel, or worse, hair dryer. Just let it air-dry. It is because drying your hair using a towel will damage the root and cuticle of your hair, so it will make your hair frizzy. To keep the moisturizer locked in your hair, it is recommended for you to use nourishing oils.




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