Dealing With Your Frizzy Hair


Having a frizzy hair can be a nightmare for a woman. Most women with frizzy hairs may ask “how to tame that hair?” Most people will answer that they can apply ‘smoothing” shampoo, straight iron that hair until it is being so crisp and apply some ant-frizz gel to finish it. Yet, this answer is never enough. It happens as after two hours later, you can experience your nightmare turn back or even appear worse and worse. Thus, this article may suggest you to choose the perfect hairstyles for frizzy hair as a dealing solution rather that a taming one. The information can be found in the following explanations.

Deciding the right length of your hairs that suit with the level of your frizzy hair

Deciding the right length is very essential to do. You need to consider the perfect hairstyles for frizzy hair as a dealing solution by suiting the length of your hair with the level of your frizzy hair. In addition, the thickness or thinness is also important too. If your frizzy hair is in level “serious damage”, it is better for you to do a shorter cut. It is helpful to restore the health of your hair in a faster way. If your frizzy hair can be classified as naturally wavy and healthy, you can do a longer haircut. It can be so useful to weight your hair down. Or, your hair can be thick and wavy. If it is so, you can do the hairdo shorter with multiple layers cut or razor style in order to thin it out. You also can avoid the unwanted poof. A good razor cut can reduce heaviness in thick or curly frizzy hair.  You can wear bangs too except your hair is very curly naturally.

Styling your frizzy hair with the right treatment products

In order to maintain your perfect hairstyles for frizzy hair and keep its health, you need to know and choose the right hair treatment. In fact the hair treatment products for the frizzy hairs are abundant in the market. Let’s start with shampoo. The best shampoo for frizzy hairs is the one with natural oils as its ingredients. The natural oils help you to tame your frizzy hair. You should not do hair wash more than twice a week because it can make more frizz. Then the second product is the conditioner. You need to select the conditioner with aloe vera, glycerol, panthenol or proteins. Those are moisturizer that can make your hair flat. Another way is by slecting the conditioner with the active ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, argan oil, shea butter or wild briar oil. The third one is protecting products such as hair gloss, gel, mask, serum and so on. There are several tips for you in using some of those products. You can use the treatment mask for weekly using, hot oil treatment for monthly using and pick-me-up product for daily use. Now, you are able to deal with your frizzy and maintain your beauty


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