Cost Associated With Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular as the prices are declining, the technology is improving and the recovery is quicker and less painful. Although it can still be pretty expensive it is not nearly the cost it used to be.

The cost associated with plastic surgery is sometimes covered by your insurance company depending upon the reason for the surgery. For instance, if you have a torn earlobe the insurance company should pay for a traumatic repair. You can find out exactly what will and won’t be covered by contacting the company yourself and speaking with a representative.

Most insurance companies will cover themselves by telling you that a pre-certification does not actually insure that the surgery will be covered, only that this type of surgery is typically covered by the company.

Prices for plastic surgery that are commonly covered by insurance companies can vary. Most insurance companies negotiate a price for the typical surgery, which is what they will pay the surgeon. You will then be responsible for the co-pay or deductible, depending upon your coverage.

When you are calling the plastic surgeon’s office to inquire about the cost associated with plastic surgery you should ask what that cost includes. The surgeon’s cost is typically only 60-80% of the bill. There will also be hospitalization (if necessary), Operating Room and anesthesiologist costs. Plastic surgeon’s will give price quotes but be aware those quotes are based on a typical surgery that doesn’t include any treatments for poor reaction to the anesthesia, infection, blood clots or fluid retention – all risks to plastic surgery.

Do not chose your doctor based on the price for plastic surgery but rather on the credentials, training, experience and the facility in which they practice. Choosing a surgeon based on cost may jeopardize your safety and result in health problems or the need for follow up surgeries – which negates your desire for a low cost procedure in the first place. You can’t place a price tag on your health.

Costs associated with plastic surgery can vary across the country. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has compiled national averages for the top five cosmetic surgical procedures:
Breast Augmentation $3,600
Nose Reshape $3,841
Liposuction $2750
Eyelid surgery $2877
Tummy Tuck $5063

These prices for plastic surgery are the national average for the surgeon’s fee and don’t include the cost of the operating room, hospitalization (if needed), or anesthesiologist. (1)

Interestingly the ASPS estimated that the total amount to be spent in 2006 in cost associated with plastic surgery would exceed 11 billion dollars for the surgeon fees alone. This estimate included the amount spent on minimally invasive surgeries, as well as the more comprehensive surgeries such as Breast augmentation, tummy tucks and nose reshaping.

Prices for plastic surgery may vary slightly across the country but many find that they are fairly equal except for those surgeries performed in New York. The prices for plastic surgery ranges from 25-50% greater in New York. All things being equal, the cost associated with plastic surgery should not be the deciding factor when you chose a surgeon.




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