Cosmetic Surgery Facelifts


Cosmetic surgery facelifts are no longer only for the privileged few. Instead cosmetic surgery facelifts now reach beyond the rich and the famous into the lives of everyday people. This change has been brought about through an increase in the number of qualified surgeons, thus driving the price down, as well as an improvement in the technology involved which has decreased the recovery period.

Before undertaking either a full cosmetic surgery facelift or minimally invasive facelift there are several steps that should be completed. All surgery carries with it certain risks. In the case of cosmetic surgery facelift risks include bleeding, fluid retention, blood clot, infection, poor reaction to the anesthesia and scaring. However, under the care of a well-qualified plastic surgeon your risks are greatly reduced.

When you are completing plans for potential cosmetic surgery facelift you also must evaluate the reasons you wish to change the tone and musculature of your face. Never consider major surgery just to please some one else. The desire to resurface your skin or to look younger most come from you and you alone. Don’t underestimate the difference your appearance will make to your understanding of who you are. Women who undergo even slight changes find that it changes not only their appearance but also their self-esteem and their ‘inner vision’ of who they really are. Unfortunately our society bases much opinion on who a person is by how a person looks.

Interviewing and evaluating plastic surgeons for your procedure should included taking your comfort level with their communication style into account. Don’t underestimate the power of the surgeon to help you heal faster and in a way that gives you the most satisfaction with your results. References from patients who have under gone procedures with the surgeon and a back round check on the surgeon’s track record should also be included.

As you finalize plans for your cosmetic surgery facelift also consider the recovery period. Some of the minimally invasive surgeries do not require over night hospitalization but are in fact day surgery. Whether you are discharged immediately or spend several days at the hospital you may need help when you get home.

Your surgeon will probably send you home with prescription medication for the pain. Most patients how ever find that procedures have greatly advanced and only Tylenol is necessary for pain relief. You will be instructed to sleep with your head up for at least two days. The use of ice in the post operative period will help relief pain and decrease swelling. Doctors warn patients not to place ice directly on the skin to avoid an ice burn.

The recovery period can last any were from seven to fourteen days before patients are able to return to work. The difference in recovery time is based on the type of surgery performed, whether liposuction was included and the previous general health of the patient.

While cosmetic surgery facelifts have reached the general masses there continues to be the same concerns, and general risks as there were before. Hollywood, and magazines continue to show a certain image of beauty to which most women feel they must strive. Unfortunately even most of the models are air brushed to look as good as they do. We all have slight imperfections that when taken together form the basis of our exterior appearance. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your exterior reflects the interior of who you really are.

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