Cosmetic Crow Foot Remove Surgery


As people seek to look younger and younger, plastic surgery continues to open new options for treatment that are surgical, minimally invasive surgery and non-invasive non-surgical. Oftentimes, both men and women seek to change the crows feet, wrinkles, and bags around their eyes. Surgeons have gone from using cosmetic procedures that are open and invasive requiring weeks of recovery to minimally invasive surgeries with minimal to no scarring.

Cosmetic crow foot remove surgery can be done using several different techniques. Previously the surgeons only option was to leave the patient with a pulled back, fake appearance to their face. Today minimally invasive surgery leaves a more natural toned appearance, with a recovery time of seven to ten days. The recovery time can vary depending upon whether other cosmetic surgery was done simultaneously, the length of the surgery, and the general health of the patient prior to the surgery.

Plastic surgeons also have the option of using botox cosmetic injections to decrease wrinkles and cosmetic crow foot remove surgery around the eye. Botox works by paralyzing the muscles and smoothing the skin. The use of botox gained popularity in 2002 when the FDA approved it for cosmetic use. Prior to 2002 Botox was used to treat neurological disorders and spasms in patients who were paralyzed. During that time, botox was also used off label for cosmetic use. The physician, however, took full responsibility for the use of a drug on an off label condition.

In both the minimally invasive surgery and botox injection, the changes in musculature under the skin is addressed.

Another cosmetic crow foot remove surgery option that patients have is laser resurfacing. This new procedure has taken the place of the old dermabrasion, which was painful and often didn’t give good results. Laser resurfacing is often used to treat crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes. It removes several layers of skin and with it, wrinkles, around the eyes and leaves a tighter, more toned appearance. Although laser resurfacing is extremely effective and safe, it doesn’t address the underlying reason for wrinkle formation the way that minimally invasive surgery and botox do.

Cosmetic crow foot remove surgery gives both men and women safe, effective alternatives, which allow them to more closely fit society’s desire for the fountain of youth. The question of whether we should be seeking to attain a male dominated vision of beauty through surgical intervention as opposed to seeking a more healthy lifestyle is left for another discussion. Suffice it to say that the number of people who will continue to seek the fountain of youth grows as the population grows. It appears that man has been seeking youth for centuries and it isn’t about to stop anytime soon.


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