What Color Makeup Goes With What Color Eyes


You’ve been applying make up for years and you are tired of the same routine or look each and every day. You’d like to mix it up a bit but you aren’t sure what color goes with what color eyes make up. This can be a delicate question since there are those that believe you can wear whatever eye shadow coloring you enjoy and you shouldn’t be concerned with what fashion or other people think or believe.

And for some this belief works. It doesn’t matter to them that the stares they receive aren’t because of beauty, artfully applied make up or fashionably put together clothing but rather because their stark dark blue eye make up completely overpowers the rest of their face. In some cases the color combinations or choices are made to match a specific look such as emo make up or Goth. But in most cases make up color choices are based on skin color, tone, and eye color.

Assuming you are interested in what color goes with what color eyes make up let’s get started discussing what eye shadow would look fantastic with those brown eyes. People with brown hair and brown eyes will make their choices based on their skin tone. With an olive complexion you want to stay away from a black eye liner unless you are trying to achieve a smoky look for night wear. Otherwise a plum liner or dark brown liner close to the root of the lashes will be the best choice. If you skin tone is lighter a black liner can be used if you are younger. The older you are the older the liner will make you appear.

Getting past the liner to the eye shadow colors people with brown hair and brown eyes get the most mileage out of more colors than any other hair/eye combination. Pinks, gray/blue, browns, grays and plums look fantastic when paired with a light vanilla as a highlighter directly under the brow. Remember that if the make up you are using is mineral make up you’ll want to test the application under different lighting to be sure it is something that you find attractive in all lighting. Most of the eye shadow colors come in shimmering shades or with gleams. Reserve those colors for nightwear when the lighting makes the most of the glamour on your eyes and cheeks.

Those lucky ladies who have hazel eyes and brown hair can use plum, bronze, orange and cranberry to really make their eyes pop. Cranberry liner with a bronze eye shadow will be glitzy and fashionable. If you have an olive complexion then stick with the warmer eye shadow shades but if you skin tone is lighter you can experiment with shades that are brighter and cooler.

If popping isn’t what you are after then sticking with the natural nude and beiges will even your skin tones, give your eyes a bit of added polish but still allow your natural beauty to shine through. Experimenting with an eye shadow packet that has four or more colors gives you the opportunity to find the color combination that works best on your face and with your personality.

Are you the blue-eyed blonde who is struggling to get past the usual cool pinks and blues? Move out and experiment with peaches, corals and different shades of blue. Apply the color from the lash line to the crease but not under the eyes. If you add too much pink around your eye you can actually make the whites of your eyes appear red. Finish off with a light vanilla or white highlight tone directly under the eye brow.

Are you fortunate enough to have those shimmering green eyes that are the envy of all who look upon them? Green eyes are fun to dress up and with the newest color palettes available on the market, even at the corner drugstore, it isn’t hard to find a look that’s right for you. Take a hard look at how green your eyes really are. If they are darker then you will be able to subtle eye shadows and still bring out the best of your eye color.

Green eyes should start with a peach color for eye shadow. Peaches can have different shading and come darker or lighter. Put the peach on your eyelid to start but not past the crease. You might add some light brown over the top to enhance the peach and define your eye. You might also try a hint of rose to accomplish the same thing. Consider dark green eyeliner to bring out the green in your eyes and give your eyes a more pronounced look.

Choosing what color goes with what color eyes make up can be challenging but also fun and exciting. It’s a great way to change up your look and appearance without the expense of plastic surgery or expensive creams and lotions. Color can add to your appearance or detract so it’s important to test out any new colors at home and in front of your friends who are willing to give you an honest opinion.


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