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Nail polish has been around for centuries, although of course, not in the form and with the ingredients that are known today. Nevertheless, several versions of it were used by ancient cultures, like the Chinese and the Egyptians. Some cultures even thought nail polish had magical properties or identified a person with a divinity.

Today, nail polish is not considered divine anymore, but it is still a great part of each woman’s individuality and self-expression. Even the few rare women that don’t use nail polish are making a conscious effort not to use nail polish as a statement.

When choosing nail polish, there are many factor to consider, and a lot of them are subjective. Because nail polish is a form of self expression more than anything, the personal taste and lifestyles of each woman influence a lot on their decision. The occasion for which the nail polish is intended is also another factor, as the nail polish used for a big event would not be the one that is used for the office.

Among all the brands that there are in the market, China Glaze nail polish is one of the best ones there are. It has a great selection of colors, so you will find something that you like. Fans of China Glaze nail polish even have a small collection of their own with their favorite colors. Having a China Glaze nail polish collection also means that you’ll have the perfect nail look for any event, no matter how little notice time you get. It is also something you can impress your friends with.

China Glaze nail polish is also one of the polishes with the best quality in the market. Just remember to use a nice top on it, in order to get even better results. China Glaze nail polish might take a bit longer to dry than other brands, but it makes up for it by lasting longer and looking better. It can stay up to 7 days (against 3 o 4 days with other brands) without losing its tone, color, or shine. China Glaze nail polish also needs less coats than other brands in order to achieve the color of the bottle.

Finally, another advantage of China Glaze nail polish is that it is inexpensive, specially compared against other brands like Opi. The price of a bottle of China Glaze nail polish costs about $6 dollars, compared with other brands which cost up to $9 dollars or more. Of course, there are even cheaper brands in the market, but their quality just doesn’t compare to China Glaze nail polish’s.


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