Chemicals In Hair Dye Are You Ready To Take The Peroxide Plunge


You don’t have to be gray-haired before time. Now there are so many options that can cover your grays. So whether you go for something permanent, semi-permanent or temporary, you can get any color on your hair, but gray.

Hair coloring is an exciting option to most people; especially the ones who want to desperately cover their gray-hair. Hair dyes nowadays are not only a gray-covering option but they can give you a whole new personality with so many colors to choose from. A natural brunette can become blonde, while a blonde can sport a new look with red hair.

Such is the magic of modern hair dyes. But is it really safe to color your hair? Like most of the artificial coloring, hair dyes too have very strong chemicals that can cause you harm if not used proportionately. And even if they are used in the right concentration, it can still harm you if you are allergic to certain chemicals.

According to research, there are chemicals in hair dye called peroxide and ammonia. These are the main chemicals used in all types of hair dye; even the so called “All Natural” ones. Hair dyes need these chemicals to give the desired effect.

Although the hair color package will have instructions printed on them stating to use gloves, do not inhale and do not have skin contact, you still rub this “magical portion” on your hair and scalp. Now how safe is that?

Peroxide is a very dangerous chemical which is used in making rocket fuel. People working with this chemical are exposed to great danger as it’s very toxic. Studies have confirmed that permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes can put you in higher risk of getting serious diseases like leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, breast cancer and multiple myeloma.

There is another gruesome chemical in hair dye called phenylenediamine which is known to cause many health hazards including blindness if applied into the eyes by mistake.

But still there are millions of people dyeing their hair, even men! All thanks to the intensive and glamorous marketing and advertising done by the companies. Add a picture of a gorgeous model on the package and they’ll sell anything!

True, hair dyes makes you look different, glamorous, gorgeous and you some how appear to be more confident. But do we need a chemical based hair dye to boost your confidence and personality? Chemicals in hair dye do nothing but ruin your hair. All the rest is just gimmick. Think about it!



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